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Thread: Create your own Batman villain

Create your own Batman villain

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    I can't think of a serious one so I'm going to make a humorous one.

    Name: Buizel (I know he's a real character but I wanted to make him into a Batman villain).

    Age: No idea.

    Appearance: A small weasel/sea otter hybrid, dressed as a bisexual hipster and has a goatee.

    Costume: Pink sunglasses, a yellow float-collar around its neck, has wavy hair and always carries a comb.

    Powers: The power to turn anyone into a bisexual hipster by talking to them in that bisexual hipster-y way (may turn them into a homosexual hipster if it goes too far) and to annoy the hell out of people who resist it.

    Story: He evolved from an egg but he saw a bisexual hipster first so he became one immediately (assuming I remember this is how they select their "mothers") and he hated anyone that wasn't like him (he has OCD) so he learned how to turn people into bisexual hipsters instead of its original purpose and now he's on a rampage after committing several felonies, but now the police are obsessed with their clothes and skin products so they can't stop him, so they had to call in Batman, who is currently searching for him.

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    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Joker Jr or MrJ2
    Eyes: brown (when using his powers, red)
    Hair: black
    Skin: black

    It was adopted by the Joker when he was only 11/12 years old...
    He's having Mental Powers (something like Scarecrow ,but he doesn't need the fear gas)
    Joker named him Mister Joker 2 (or Joker Jr.), and raised him, like his own son.
    He can control minds/objects, and can run super fast... and he's crazy like his ''father''
    The first fight with Batman begun, when JJr., tried to control the people of Gotham to find and kill the Bat!
    (Can't think of something else xDD)
    I know, not a good story for a villain in the Batman universe

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