Thread: Unofficial JC Shadow Fix Patch

Unofficial JC Shadow Fix Patch

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    Unofficial JC Shadow Fix Patch

    Hi everyone...

    Just Cause has nasty shadows on the 8??? Nvidia cards serie.
    EIDOS never patched this issue... Why?

    I have written a small Just Cause Shadow Fix to eliminate the ugly silly shadows.

    Download: here.

    1. Download
    2. Unpack file into your Just Cause directory.
    3. Execute the shadowfix file. (listen to the wonderful music)
    4. Patch!
    5. Play!

    The original JustCause.exe is saved with a .bak extension... just in case.

    I could only try with the german and polish version.
    Please write if this work for you.

    Image without the "fix"

    Image with "shadowfix"

    Image without the "fix"

    Image with "shadowfix"

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    Appreciate very much. Working like a charm.
    Shame for the support.
    ps Just one 74/eb ! pix or perfhud ?

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    Originally Posted by vedmysh
    Appreciate very much. Working like a charm.
    Shame for the support.
    ps Just one 74/eb ! pix or perfhud ?
    Thats great!

    Just one jump. I used Ollydbg only with a little try and error.
    Thanks for your feedback!

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    IT WORKS!!!!!!! GRAET JOB Brotkohl THANKS a million!!!
    ..."only" 308 kb... to many for Nvidia EIDOS...
    MEGA SHAME -EIDOS and Nvidia...
    Why YOU didn't do that????

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    I'm owner of PowerColor radeon 4870 and also have this problem.
    I've downloaded your fix patch and used it, but the issue is still present.
    Does it only works on nvidia 8xxx series?

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    Guys can you create shadow fix for nvidia 9xxx? because i cant play this game coz of it annoying shadow!

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    (PLEASE can someone UPLOAD the FIX on MEDIAFIRE or another filesharing site (NOT rapidshare) please?)

    UPDATE: I've downloaded the fix (don't ask me how...) and here's an alternative download link:

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    I get this problem on a Radeon Mobility HD 3650. I'll try the shadow fix shortly. Thank you for taking the time to make it
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    Hello ,you're a good guy, you patch is very good !

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    It worked for me as well!

    Congrats Brotkohl! And thanks for taking the time for fixing this!

    By the way: I have the English version!

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    Brotkhol, the fix you have shown in the thread doesn't want to start on my PC. It says "Windows cannot access the specified path, drive or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item."

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    Thumbs Down Dont Download it | This Patch file a contain trojan virus.

    A trojan virus was detected by Avira.

    Check out my official site: WWW.PLANETCRICKET.TK

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    BitDefender reports a trojan too. However, a quick Google shows this is commonplace for this patch program (diablo2oo2's) and sites like Softpedia mark it as safe. One place said it was because of the compression used. Although I haven't run it yet, as far as I can tell it really is just a patch. So...

    Brotkohl, if you're still around, could you make a new patch without compression (or less/different)? Taking out any extra stuff like the music might help too. If that is possible I bet it would scan clean then.

    Or you could tell us how to do the process ourselves?


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    Hi Brotkohl,
    yes the bug was very ugly but your fix resolve this issue. Great work man, thanks!

    edit: Hoo boy, the game looks much more better without these shadow issue. Thanks again!!!

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    These ugly shadows are not only on Nvidia geforce 8 series!!!! I had nvidia 9 series (9800GT) and there were these annoying shadows! Now I have GTS 250 and WHATEVER I HAVE THESE SHADOWS! You guys need to make a patch which will fix this at all nvidia series! Because then I try to patch the game it says NOTHING PATCHED!

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    Anyone can upload it again?

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    Program says "nothing patched"
    Any1 got an idea?
    Or would somebody be so kind to upload the "patched" exe file?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Yeah, I'm running a Steam version of the game with a GeForce 9400 and getting the weird crawling shadows like in the screenshot. But the patcher says-


    loading file:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Just Cause\JustCause.exe
    nothing patched!

    ... and the bug is still present. Any other fixes for us broke folks who can't yet run JC2? :P