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Thread: The Batman Beyond Picture thread!

The Batman Beyond Picture thread!

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    that pic is also epic. i dont think id want to see a batman like that come after me... even though hed be pretty easy to see with all those red lights.
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    they just need to add a belt,plus don't forget,he has that invisibility camouflage.

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    i was thinking the same thing, a bit too much red to be sneaky sneaky... but I dunno, I can almost imagine the red parts of the costume turning all black for a "stealth mode" on the futuristic suit or something you know? Would be awesome regardless, always loved the beyond suit since I first saw it so many years ago. Indeed needs the belt, and those evil red wings to finish off the look. I'm very impressed with the overall quality and attention to details throughout the model though

    @ batfan08 I found it on deviantart , here is the link to the artist

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    maybe its the alternate costume for B:AA lol just kidding. it would be awesome though.
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    Im not really a batman beyond fan but this suit is pretty cool ... except his feet ... it looks like he is wearing heals or something

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