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Thread: The Introduction Thread

The Introduction Thread

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    The Introduction Thread

    Here's a thread for people to introduce themselves and share a little info on their Batman addiction if they choose (kudos to SilentGuardian, as this was his idea )

    There's always quite a few guests browsing the forums so we thought perhaps this thread might encourage some of you to get involved!

    (I'll start and see how this thread goes for a little while).

    I'm 31, I've been working at Eidos for about eight or nine years man and boy. Started off testing games, worked on everything from Timesplitters 2 (great fun), Anachronox (epic) and Popstar Maker (the worst *** game ever). And I've been doing community management stuff for about five years. Batman: Arkham Asylum is the best game I've worked with
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    Beautiful idea Keir

    My name is Bob Kane student college from Italy
    I am the first Batman fan in the world

    and I read comics from 7 year old
    I fell in love with Batman, when I read an episode draw from
    Neil Adams
    I play bass guitar

    PS Keir: I love faith No More, Mike Patton is the best crazy singer in the world
    Batman: Arkham Asylum™ Blog
    The First BAA FanSite in the World !

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    Hey all, I'm Dan and I am obsessed with the wonderful world of Batman! He connects with me on a more personal level, just because he is cool, but also because he is more human. And the Batman universe is just ripe with iconic characters, archvillians, and moments! I have been following this game from the beginning; and after finally preordering my Collectors Edition of B:AA at EB Games/ Gamestop, I also have finally joined the forums. I look forward to having many great discussions on here, and I am proud to be involved. When B:AA releases, you can find and compare scores with me; PSN ID: Goodmangamerguy! Good luck, and happy chatting!

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    Hi guys my name is Diego I am 23 years old I live in the U.S. but I was born in Bolivia, I am a huge batman fan I find him and his foes very interesting. A weird thing that I always do is making connections between batman characters and classical literature and/or philosophy. I have been a fan since I saw the first Burton movie then I got into the animated series and then comics and graphic novels, I also collect batman related action figures… yes I am a huge geek. Batman is one of the influences in me starting to practice martial arts. I can’t wait for this game. My xbl name is K1LL1N JOKE please feel free to add me.

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    I got into Batman fairly recently, when I got my brother the LEGO Batman game for his birthday, and started checking out some of the comics out of curiosity. Nevertheless, the game got me into all of the different foes, and, despite the annoyance of my siblings, who call me obsessed, I am now a fan.
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    Guess I'll throw my own intro in. Hi! I'm Nightwing, 22 years old from the north east of England. Just returned from Canada recently, my identity as Nightwing has followed me from many other forums to here.... strangely I first used it on a Sonic forum ages and ages ago.

    Been into the entire Bat-family since I was a kid, first triggered by the animated series which I watched on Saturday mornings. (yay! memories!) Since then, I've read and watched more and more I guess. Seen every Batman there is to see I think, with one notable exception. Also read a fair bit (but nowhere near all) of Batman, Robin, Nightwing, some Superman stuff and even a little Question. So I guess I'm fairly diverse in that respect. Yeah, I think that's enough about me, let's hear about you?

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    Hi everyone im the captain on these forums
    im 17 years old and ive been a batman fan since the age of two still remember those pyjamas i use to wear lol. I have many batman goodies and figurines lying around somewhere in the loft. My PSN ID is CaptainMcMulla, feel free to add me just let me know your from these forums.

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    I'm 27, I've been a Batman fan since I was two or three. Loved almost all of the Bat-movies (we will not speak of that one movie that shall not be named), and overall I just love the entire DC Universe. I'm really excited for this game... it looks like the first good Batman game in a while.

    I'm also working on a series of YouTube skits with my friends about a guy who happens to live with a talking cardboard standup of Batman. The teaser can be seen here... if you check back in a couple weeks we should have the first one or two official webisodes posted. (Love it or hate it, leave feedback if you can!)

    PSN ID is superdarrin82. Feel free to add me.

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    Hi, I'm Zombie-Gamer I was 19 at the time of my death but I came back to play this game.
    I killed Jason Todd and all i got was this lousy t-shirt.

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    Hey, I'm Matt and I have been a casual batman fan for a few years which have been spent reading various graphic novels. I'm 16 and have just finished my first year of college.

    My other interests are probably music and video games, I am a big fan of Pearl Jam, Faith No more (haven't actually got the introduce yourself album for some reason), Tool, A Perfect Circle, Nine inch nails and Pantera. I've only been playing games since the release of the PS1 so I sadly have missed out on some of the timely classics released on the sega megadrive etc. My favourite games I've played have probably been either the ratchet and clank series, the timesplitters series or the god of war games and my favourite game I've played on this generation of consoles is probably bioshock. I have a feeling that B:AA could take 1st place for my favourite game though, only time will tell

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    Im Jeff, Im a HUGE Bat-fan, I used to be a Marvel Fanboy but DC makes better comics and Graphic Novels IMO so here I am. I love to read Batman, JLA, Green Arrow and a ton more people and JLA/JLU & Batman TAS are two of my favorite Cartoons of all time. Im also a Detroit, Michigan Resident and a trained Pro-Wrestler competing on the independent circuit, as well as a trained Camera man. Also Im 19 years old, and a PS360 owner, and I make videos on and we're planning on dubbing Batman: TAS soon...Also Poison Quinn is my girlfriend.

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    hiya my name is daniel and im from nottigham england.

    always liked batman but my interest in him sky rocketed when batman begins hit.been a massive fan ever since.
    i enjoy camping/festivals/gaming/boozing/hallucigenic nights out/lazy sunday lay ins with tea and toast and BATMAN!

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    -My friends call me JJ
    -I've been a Batman fan since I was a little kid
    -I'm nineteen years old
    -I live in Canada
    -I love to play basketball, make videos, and work out occasionally

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    I'm Tyler, 19 years old, in college, and I've loved Batman since I saw the animated series as a kid. I play bass guitar and I enjoy reading, social networking, and I hope to go into advertising.

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    I'm Eric, 18 yrs old, I'm from the expensive state of New Jersey and will be starting my second year of college in September. Hopefully I will be able to graduate with a political science major..if I make it out alive. Batman has been my idol ever since the days of the animated series. Real big fan and it wasn't until lately that I was able to find a place that sold comics near me! (about 45 mins. away) And now we have this fabulous Bat-game!!! I mean what more could I ask for!!!!!

    "I'm a rich kid with issues..lots of issues."

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    Hey im Lunar im in High School I'm planning on going to college and having a degree in business I live in Brooklyn and i'm a gamer.
    Multi Color.

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    :P Hey my name is Mason and i have been a batman fan for as long as i can remember. When i heard about B:AA i could not wait to play it! And now i have found out about these forums and i can discuss this amazing game with cool people who are just as interested as i am! Woohoo!

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    Hey my name is Logan as in Wolverine, it used to be one of a kind name when I was a kid, but not you guys use is too much and have the luxury of fire . Like Mr. Todd I have been a fan since I was seven and I remember looking through the drug store looking for some Batman good reads, good times.I'm a windy city man in the US and I enjoy comic books, video gaming, and making sarcastic remarks on people's stupidity. Which most of you know by now . Just remember four words "Don't diss the Croc" and three more "Hugs not drugs! " I hope you can sense and smell the kind of guy I am.

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    Hey my name is Adam Marks, but everyone calls me marco and the only Batman stuff ive seen is Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, both of which i loved!
    Happy Posting Guys

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    Hello all, my name is Bryan AKA The Boshart. I am 21 years old, have an IQ of 145, and can run a five minute mile.
    I started playing games since age two, when I got into games like Shinobi and Sonic. And have been a life long gamer ever since. I dream of one day opening up my own game store.
    I have been a Batman fan as long as I can remember, though I've hopped in and out of the comics for years. I've been hoping for a game that portrayed all the aspects of Batman for many years, so I am highly enthusiastic for this game.
    My PSN is The_Boshart if anyone cares.
    When I post, topics die.

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    Hey guys my name is John, im 29 (yeah that old) and live in london England.
    I've been playing computer games for about 22 years, i've been a Batman fan since i was about 12 when my dad took me to see Batman at the Cinema.

    Can't wait for BAA, my most wanted game of this year.

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    Wasup guys my name is Ben I came here after getting to see some uncut game play and realizing this might actually be the batman game i have been waiting for. I am 18 in a few short days and I'm attending college in the fall to be a computer programmer. I run a clan and its' website along with our vent server.

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    Hello, my name is Félix, i´m spanish, 20 years old.

    My "love" to Batman started when i saw Batman films(specially Tim Burton´s films) when i was little, thanks to my father of course jejeje

    I read some comics, but the base of my Batman´s passion are the movies!

    Since there i ever was and still being a big Batman fan!

    And finally Rocksteady guys make that all Batman fans wants, a truly Batman game where do you feel like dark knight! I´m very thank to Rocksteady for their work and for bring us this wonderful game! I CAN´T WAIT FOR IT truly guys!

    Que VIVA por siempre Batman!!! y OLÉ! jeje

    Greets Saludos!

    PD:Sorry for my english

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    Hi, I'm Jon Doe. I've got an drinking problem.

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    My name's Marc. I'm 19. and live in England. My interests are art, music and psychology. I do a lot of tattoo design, and hope to be tattooing when I turn 21. I'm more into Scandinaivan music right now, with my favourite band being HIM.
    Been a Batman fan since I watched the animated series, and it carried on from there. More so with reading up on the history of Batman and his villains, and recently studying them from a psychological standpoint, as opposed to buying the comics. Though I own Hush volumes 1 and 2, Batman: Year One, Batman: War Crimes, and The Killing Joke.
    That's about it I think.
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