Thread: Поговорим о Воре на Могучем

Поговорим о Воре на Могучем

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    Поговорим о Воре на Могучем

    решил запостить эту темку для русскоязычных фанатов игры

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    Русский вор!

    Я не знаю, сколько здесь. Я не могу понять себя.

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    Eidos doesn't have a Russian forum?
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    the title is literally "Let's talk about the thief on mighty" and probably means "Let's talk about the mighty thief"

    I believe the next line is that he's started this thread for the russian speaking fans of the game?

    Doomy said "The russian thief! I do not know how many are here. I cannot understand myself"

    XD The free translator isn't half bad?

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    So sorry, but I must lock this.
    Nothing personal, but it conflicts with Rule #7:

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