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Deus Ex: HR - General Chat & Discussion (2009-2010)

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    Originally Posted by Irate Iguana
    It's California. That state has a boatload of stupid laws concerning weapons. A lot of those laws also involve weapons.

    Not that we have a right to laugh about it. Brass knuckles are illegal in our country as well. I can't fathom why since they are one of the easiest weapons to improvise and large knives are allowed.
    Oh I know they're illegal here, but I'm still allowed to laugh about it. Of course they're used for unpleasant things, no doubt, but still it's a little like banning catapults when people can buy RPGs.
    Originally Posted by PlasmaSnake101
    Outlawing of weapons in general is a foolish way to combat combat crime, at least in my opinion. We see that when you outlaw a particular substance not only does a black market arise, which shows how much the people oppose these decisions, but it brings with it criminal activity.

    I really don't feel like typing too much out but look into prohibition in America or the drug war.
    I wasn't comparing the act of outlawing weapons with a country where this has been the case for a very long time, and in the case of the United States, outlawing certainly does seem rather foolish.

    There's one way of combatting gun crime around the world, though, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it, unless you'd think beyond the simplistic principles of free market enterprise: Greatly minimize and restrict the production of guns and ammunition (heh, reminds me of Chris Rock's joke idea about making bullets cost $5000 each ).

    Every gun, black market, legal, military etc. ALL start out as legal firearms (for example, 90% of the guns used by Mexican drug cartels started out as legal firearms in the United States, a fact that doesn't sit particularly well with the NRA and other gun nuts in the US) and this is WORLDWIDE.

    British, Belgian, French, Scandinavian, German, Russian and Chinese weapons all "magically" go from being legally sold firearms, to the grey market, and eventually on to the black market, where they're the primary cause of fuelling conflicts.

    Obama has already shown he cares little for peace by giving the NRA his allegiance, on a silver platter no less. "Phasing out" nuclear weapons over the coming 200 years is a noble aim indeed Tackling the weapons that plague our world every single day is apparently a bridge too far.

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    Originally Posted by minus0ne
    Oh I know they're illegal here, but I'm still allowed to laugh about it. Of course they're used for unpleasant things, no doubt, but still it's a little like banning catapults when people can buy RPGs.
    Catapults are banned here but black powder firearms and airguns are available without a license. Kinda makes you wonder who invents these rules since there doesn't seem to be any consistency in them.
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    So...any americans here taking advantage of black friday?
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    Originally Posted by SemiAnonymous
    So...any americans here taking advantage of black friday?
    Not american, but I should be eligible for the 'cargo container to my house' delivery. It would definitely make life easier for the couriers.

    // Ordered through an intermediary (US delivery to them & they handle taxes + shipment here), so I probably will get one huge delivery. Oh dear.

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    I was just thinking about the Renaissance style because I've been playing Assassin's Creed II, I like it.

    On Black Friday, I have strep throat and an ear infection so I woke up at 11:30 and had to be at work at 1:00. I don't really mind going when sick, I can handle a headache, ear pain, imbalance, and sore throat. And today, while not as quiet as I anticipated, the library I work at is rather empty.

    I wanted to buy a massive monitor and a new desk for my room, but since my brother died my family really needs me to save so we have some extra cash. Maybe I'll go to a furniture store later this evening, I get off at 6. Maybe if I could get a decent desk and chair for around 300 dollars. I can wait on the chair, but 300 dollars is a reasonable price in my mind, I just hope the market agrees with me.
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    Just a quick question on the timeline of Deus Ex 3's development process. Roughly speaking I gather we're looking at a Q4 2010 release or sooner right? So in all seriousness how much room for new innovation is there likely to be given the amount of time to iron out what they've been working on for all these years! maybe they can't introduce new ideas even if they wanted to by this point.

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    It will be released when it's done. They can't redo the core game mechanics at this point, but introduction of new things sounds plausible. I couldn't say though, I don't know much about game development.

    I hope the redid the entire combat system in a smart way, it was garbage in the original.
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    even the garbage combat system had a particular charm though, typical of dx, like crawling behind till you touch any soldier then hit him on the ass with the dragons tooth.. great technique no?

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    i just hope they write endless lines of dialogue for throwing items at people - then i'll give it 98% no matter what.. oh and basketball courts

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    Stealth needs to be reworked soon to accommodate for glowing swords.
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    I liked to hit the Gunthers legs, with that I just didn't kill him and awaken him enough to make it running away from me
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    I hope they have already (or will) introduce a really cool way of selecting items in the world.. may be a basic point but for me a big problem with invisible war (admittedly one of many problems) was selecting items was just clumsy and not very innovative. like are you picking up a body or the ammo underneath it *angles camera awkwardly* really lame design. some ultra cool innovation in just selecting items i think could go a long way

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    You mean when you loot corpses ?
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    Make it like Oblivion, or at least develop an option to limit items you pick up, I wish I could have hit a check box so I wouldn't pick a combat knife off of every guard I killed.
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    added to the tension - you had to think ahead

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    for me deus ex was definitely the first proper game that attempted virtual reality type realism in picking up every object you see etc, almost like it should be a hallmark in the series (ignoring IW which failed to innovate in item selection in fact made it worse, mainly the console factor probably). In 3 they should really come up with something that takes that virtual interaction hallmark to the next stage, try to do it better than other games have done it. immersion is key!

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    Ability to pick up, and carefully put down objects instead of just throwing them would be appreciated.
    And if we're getting a home/base where to hang out between missions and whatnot, give us items worth picking up and bringing back, i always had a huge treasury in Morrowind that i filled with books, different kinds of armor and weapons and whatnot, stuff i did not need, and never used, but was there just to satisfy my packrat tendencies and ingame kleptomania (don't try to deny you don't have this urge to pick up and carry away everything you see when playing these types of games).

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    "You see, your honorable, when I was a kid we used to play adventuregames, the point and click kind, and RPGs too, and well, you see, they encouraged you.. they forced you to... borrow items... so it's not my fault, really, blame George Lucas!"

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    Originally Posted by SemiAnonymous

    In every single way possible that was bizzare

    edit: ah I see how you did it. ha ha ha

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    He must be getting upset with the way Mickey is shaping up, and longing for your olde good Deus Ex times.

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