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Thread: [For the developers] Non Violent character in Thief 4?

[For the developers] Non Violent character in Thief 4?

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    Personally I believe in equal opportunities and I think that if you're prepared to hit a man over the head with a blunt instrument then you should do exactly the same to women as well.

    Would be sexist not to.

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    but in facts, for exemple for me is really different shooting in resident evil 5 a female or a male.... It's me the first to say that it is strange. But i really i feel it. But then i recognize she is a fuc*** monster that would only kill me and sheeva, after that I say her a lot of bad words while shooting! XD
    This was just an exemple, but i go trought a lot of mental process while playing. Doesn't you do the same?
    I don't know, maybe this could be just my mental problem becouse i have a little problem with skitzofrenia. But I'm not sure this could be the conseguence of my mental problem. So, i hope this is normal.
    So, i really i'm not a troll. wtf.. i don't care about troll, if i don't like a game just i don't buy it.
    I was stupid posting here with all that theory about making different ways to knock down womans, that was just a joke, absolutley, i don't thik that thinks really......
    byeeeee! ^_^
    and about the coment that said that i'm like going to explode, i can tell that that person is really much sensible, becouse it's true. But it's just my life that in moment is changing very much, like brothers that are going leaving out, all around me is changing but not me... and i'm at that point that must take life in hands and do somethings. I belive I'll go to study english for first! XXDDDD
    Byeeeeee!!! ^-^

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    That blond chick in the party dress in the middle of an african slum didn't deserved to have her head shotgunned off!

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    yes, she was really awesome, and I was already in love with her! XD
    Capcom developers doesn't undertand anything, becouse they should find other ways, much hard and funny to extirpate plagas from bodies of beautiful girls. Maybe Chris could just using fantasy, and chararme... XD

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    Originally Posted by Yotun
    I think there's no need for all the negativity. I'd doubt these would be interesting forums for people to troll. And people have their phobias. Some people can't stand fighting spiders in games because they're arachnophobic, which I never personally understood.

    In any case, if you really don't want to blackjack people, you can try ghosting the game at lower difficulty (that is, try and go completely undetected), or otherwise unfortunately this would not be the game for you. Most people will not enjoy having too many gas weapons, as they're very easy to use, and would have made the game very easy and unrealistic - which was partly the reason they're so rare and expensive in the previous games.

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    Originally Posted by brawl
    I wish to buy T4 but i dont' like a lot of violent games..

    There is the possibility that the main character can beat the enemies without kill them?

    bye! ^^
    Buddy, this is always been done in Thief, since you have the possibility to play it in GHOST MODE (don't kill anyone, and don't get caught), so the problem doesn't exist.

    More: ghosting is the real challenge, and maybe the real way to play Thief (a master thief is rarely seen, and he no need to kill, just grab what he want), so this way is really, really exciting!
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    in TDP and TMA it was possible, with some difficulty, to obtain all the loot in a level without being seen by a single AI and without killing or KO'ing a single AI

    TDS broke this mould a little in the city areas because not all the loot AI carried could be pickpocketed which meant you either had to KO, kill or mug them to get it, I never really got on with the mugging concept

    basically what I'm saying is you don't have to kill or commit acts of violence in thief if you don't want to, Garrett has a conscience, it resides in your head, you feel bad about doing something then don't do it the alternative may be extremely hard but it's your choice

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    Yeah! I agree completely. You are right.

    But I confess that sometime it's funny to aim the bow to the victim and seeing her letting fall all her goodies
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    And Garret isnt a nice guy. Sorry, but he isnt a hero. Garret doesnt care actually. He is kinda ignorant to other people and doesnt care about whats happening to them. He is selfish and from top to bottom a criminal! Sure, he does good things to, But he isnt a pure hero. He is a badass hero.

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