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Thread: THIEF ORDERS /DEALS / Merchandise /Comics Etc :NEW: The Eidos Anthology

THIEF ORDERS /DEALS / Merchandise /Comics Etc :NEW: The Eidos Anthology

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    A cape Seriously, Thief is one of the best series ever. I would gladly pay a large sum for a kickass collectors edition.

    You guys have some awesome ideas. Personally the only thoughts I had some replica item/loot from the game, a soundtrack, and books of the factions, like Hammerite sermons and stuff like that. OF COURSE I would fully expect a cloth map, but that hasn't been done in like...forever?

    This is 2000's though, so I'd expect nothing more than a crummy little folded up paper poster, some lame unlockable content, and a dvd with insights on the game's development. Sigh. Collectors editions suck now.

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    Originally Posted by VIKTORIA
    Some Thiefy jewellery would be awesome.
    I'd happily wear a moss or water arrow pendant/necklace with the arrowhead being fashioned from green peridot and aquamarine crystal.

    Hey, it's nice to dream....
    That would have to be one expensive collectors edition.

    Yes to poster just Garrett perched on the rooftops with his bow and arrow.
    Graphic novel or Comic
    Map of the City
    I actually wouldn't mind a little Garrett Figurine.

    for laughs
    A plush Garrett that when you squeeze he says one of his better phrases.

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    I would like to see a re-release of the original games, including Thief Gold, and a collector's set with all five games in trapezoidal boxes - even TDS though it never had one before. If possible, the re-releases should be modified for compatibility with the current OS when they are released.

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    Perhaps a limited edition lamp/nightlight.... of ARROWS. Made of either glass or fiberglass or translucent colored plastic, whatever. They should look like the "crystals" tied onto the shafts of Garrett's arrows.

    A glowing orange fire arrow, green moss arrow, blue water arrow, yellow gas arrow. Or maybe a round plastic "flash bomb" light, which can be set to pure white light, or strobe.
    The game is all about lighting, is it not?

    ...... Oh god. I just got the best idea ever.

    KEEPER GLYPH LAMPS. A "book" with lightbulbs inside, with a colored translucent area containing scratched out "glyphs." Naturally the lamp would have a dark orange/rust/yellow sort of light cmonig from the glyphs. Maybe the "cover" of the book could be swapped out with different glyph sheets, like a Lite Brite. A red-glowing hammer glyph, A green-glowing pagan glyph, and a blue-glowing keeper glyph. And on the spine of the book would be the "THIEF" title in white.

    Sometimes ideas just pour out of me. O_o

    And lastly: Jewellery. You already mentioned "water arrow" pendants. But if you guys made a Hammerite Rosary, or sterling silver hammer pendant, I'd buy it in a second. I've always enjoyed the Hammers, and they're easily my favorite faction.

    .... Please don't kill me, Viktoria... D:
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    Collector's Edition:

    If this was in a box, I'd buy it:

    - Soundtrack CD
    - Art book
    - Books
    - Clothing/ T-shirt
    -Signed, limited edition lithograph of a scene or cityscape, like what was done for Half-Life 2.
    -Jewelry: After reading about it, a Hammer rosary was suggested. I like this because, unlike an arrowhead replica, this would actually be more game-specific in that it would (theoretically) be something found on a character, whereas arrowheads of different colors can currently be bought online for just about any reason .

    In short: The more swag available in a collector's box --and game-specific detail/attention paid to that swag to make it 'right'-- the more in-demand it will be .


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    A water arrow.

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    A list of possibilities... lets see what I'd be willing to dole out for:

    ABSOLUTELY at any price these should be included in a collectors edition:
    Level editor/creator
    Map of the city on cloth (Ala Neverwinter Nights collectors edition)
    Sound track CD/DVD
    Art book

    I'd be willing to pay $10 more if it included one of the following:
    A DVD with all the cutscenes (please make them the artistic ones from T1 and T2, no final fantasy style stuff)
    A Burrick plushie (so cute... yet gassy...)
    A hammerite rosary
    A T-shirt with the classic image of the hammer with the red glazing background, or the keeper keyhole with the light shining out of it, or one of Garret's hood with only the shine of his mechanical eye peering out of the blackness of the T-shirt

    I'd be willing to pay $20 more for one of the following + something from above
    The classic purple velvet purse with some fake metal gold coins in it
    Garrett's mechanical eye
    Necklace with an elemental arrowhead on it
    Builder's Hammer
    A full sized elemental arrow with plaque to display it on

    I personally feel a cape would be too out there... although a hood could be cool?

    Maybe a fake tattoo of garret's keeper scar that he had at the end of the 3rd game XD

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    Hood/cape/cloak whatever. I mentioned a cape in jest though.

    Point is, it would be cool if they included some sort of tool of Garretts trade in the spirit of thiefsie. Article of clothing, weapon, lockpicks, rope arrow, whatever (heh just imagined somebody trying to climb a rope arrow, down you go). I'd imagine people would be strongly opposed to any of his more 'physical' tools being included though. Act now and you'll receive a blackjack! Tired of your whiny kid or significant other? Blackjack em! and disappear into ze night with your sneaksie cloak you taffer you.

    Anyway, I would love that talking plush Garrett That got me thinking about a talking figure of old Benny. Oh the hilarity.

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    Better yet, how about a plush guard that spouts the songs the drunks used to sing in thief the dark project when you squeeze them... I'd love that.

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    Originally Posted by rhialto
    air freshener
    Lol! What, like:

    Pagan Forest fragrance? Or Keeper Musty Book? Or Hammerite Metalic Fire? Or Tavern Sweat & Ale?
    Important message to the Dev Team: Garrett CAN swim. Burricks DO exist.

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    A "One True Keeper" Stick-on Tattoo
    How about a "Key" with TIV ot TF4 as the tangs
    An "Eye" paperweight
    Thief Belt Buckle

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    The Eye as a paperweight would be tempting. I wonder how hard it would be to make a good one?
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    The highest ground...
    I love all the merchandise ideas, particularly the more unusual ones.
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    A Hood...probably the easiest and coolest piece of clothing they could do as part of a collectors box.

    A Cloak...but kind of big and too expensive to be feasible.

    A black 'Thief' t-shirt...not 'Thi4f'. I don't mind Thi4f as a game title, but I won't wear it as a shirt.

    Or a black t-shirt with Garrett's line that says 'All that you have, I can make mine!'

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    A shirt with a picture of Garrett's silhouette, shrouded in darkness and titled Thief, would be cool. I'd buy that.
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    Hooded sweatshirt.
    Replica elemental crystals.

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    Garret's mechanical eye as keyring pedant.

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    I would love a Garrett figurine to keep on my desk at work!

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    Soundtrack FTW. I love them.

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    Thief 4: The Motion Picture

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    This is a really good idea for a thread. I've often held the view that one of the best ways of combatting piracy is to add value to the purchased product.

    When I bought Morrowind, I got a map, a great-looking fold-out box and a decent manual.

    I like smart packaging, books and maps, personally. Never been one for figurines or general clutter. So I'd definitely vote for:

    ...A 200-page novella (by China Mieville or someone Steampunky), perhaps in the form of Garret's journal and filling in some backstory to the plot...
    ...An art book, containing concept art and other sketches
    ...A map poster

    Personally I find figurines etc. a bit naff, but maybe that's just me.

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    Give us a light gem!

    and Flashbomb fuzzy dice!

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    Garrett's journal of the original games would actually be pretty sick. Stick in images of the old maps and sketch art and you've got a pretty neat source book for the old games.

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    ^^ Actually, that should be how the manual is styled
    Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.

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    the flash bomb fuzzy dice is a kickass idea....

    I also had the idea of a little black trophy stand that said "Garrett, master thief" and there was nothing ontop of it... lol

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