Thread: PLATFORMS: PC/PS3/XBOX / STEAM / NEXT-GEN / NIXXES / AMD Mantle -see 1st page updates

PLATFORMS: PC/PS3/XBOX / STEAM / NEXT-GEN / NIXXES / AMD Mantle -see 1st page updates

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    The majority of Thief fans is 25+ years old. Most people in that age category own a PC. They play Thief alone in the dark, in the quiet to appreciate the sounds, the immersion, the experience, not with their buddies in the living room while mommy is preparing tango. Developing for multiple platforms is more work than some people here seem to think, even if a cross-platform engine like Unreal is used. There are differences in memory capabilities, processing speeds and architectures, graphics interfaces, sound interfaces, file systems, input systems, networking (though I pray this one shouldn't matter), and different performances for different features and techniques, just to name a few. There is no such thing as a capable editor working on consoles. Console versions can not run fan-made stuffs (I'm not sure about this one though). The PC version is A MUST... A MUST I tell you.

    On the other hand, consoles are pretty capable now and, theoretically, one should be able to enjoy the console version as much as the PC version (the main game at least). It's also possible to develop for both PC and consoles without dumbing down the PC version. In practice, as it has been pointed out over and over, developing for multiple platforms requires considerable extra effort which would be better spent in my opinion on making the game better and finishing it early, before the fans are too old to play it

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    I've said it somewhere else and I'll say it again: Thief was to me the richest, most immersive, and most rewarding virtual experience ever, and like a lot of fans, I used to wait eagerly for the fall of night so I can turn off the lights and enter the world of Thief. It's more than a game to me, and to you, and to a lot of the people here lurking and posting regularly, but to the masses, to the shot callers in EM, it's ultimately just a game. I just hope us making noise and ensuring what we "the hardcore fans if you will" want and don't want is clearly stated and explained would make a difference and eventually result in us ending up with a marvelous Thief 4, not TDS 2 or something FUBAR.

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    I vote for T4 to be made first and foremost "for the PC." X360 and PS3 can get ports of it, but in the style of the PC version; nothing "consolized."

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    Technical issues aren't so important. It's about console audience which are plebeian children. No matter what, console game will always be - difference between PC and console games are like between high literature and Harry Potter, harlequins or other popular books.

    Everything is already settled, no suggestions were acknowledged by Eidos, so I think people should stop posting on this board and do something more useful like playing Fan Missions.

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    Originally Posted by Hareton
    people should stop posting on this board hareton posts on the board...

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    Originally Posted by Hareton
    Everything is already settled, no suggestions were acknowledged by Eidos, so I think people should stop posting on this board and do something more useful like playing Fan Missions.
    Nothing has been settled, far from it; and just because suggestions haven't been acknowledged (yet) doesn't mean they are not being considered.
    As I mentioned in another thread, nobody should draw the wrong conclusions from Stephane's recent interview as he only deals with the business side of things and not the game design and development itself.
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    Eidos Montreal should take a cue from BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins development. It was clearly made with PC gamers in mind first and foremost. Any compromises made were done to the console version. By that I mean, blurry textures, interface conflicts and the like. The PC version, however, remains superb. And these compromises didn't hurt the sales or positive word-of-mouth generated by all versions of the game.
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    Since the games that created the genre were exclusively for PC and they made up the fanbase, and since this same fanbase is the main market potential, developers shouldn't head directly for multi-platform production. If they have the game on the PC and it blows up sales and it's talked alot, console version will also sell enough to make it a worthwhile investment. And the best results are clearly taken when making it a PC game.

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    Thief 4 will be on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. I don't care what PC, PS3, or 360 fanboys say 'WAAH WAAHH EXCLUSIVE WAAH" "OMG PS3 SUXXORZ LOL".

    It's business. Both DX3 and T4 will be multiplat, with more emphasis on the console crowd. That's where more cash comes in, which means that's the demographic they are the most eager to please. Don't like it, don't play it.
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    Thats not where the most cash comes in, if you know what you are doing. WoW does not make money from consolers, nor starcraft 2 will make. Many of the mmorpg games are not for console. It's true that consoles have their own big blast of sales on games like god of war or guitar hero xyz, but these cannot be compared to thief or deus ex in any possible way. The console games that can be compared would be the games like metal gear solid, assasins creed etc, not for the playstyle but for the theme. Which none of these games would achieve the thief series success.

    If I were going to make a stealth game for consoles, I wouldn't name it thief4, I would name it something else. Because you will not get sales from "consoler thief fans", as they are hard to come by. We also have an example at hand that shows making it multi-plat damages your game, even when you do it a good one.

    I believe there are more pc players playing dragon age: origins than consolers. Consoles are fine in their own way; a way to spend your short amount of time in bursting joyous moments. Last night, I crept back and forth in an underground tunnel complex for abour 30 minutes while playing thief, trying to understand my opponents movement routes and patterns, forming a battle plan. No consoler would do that, because it's against the soul of the console. Sure you can give them this option, but then console players will not buy the game. They would play guitar hero instead, or god of war.

    But if you change the thief game in a way that does not require careful planning, tactical thinking, observing your environment, then you are not making a thief game.

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    @Bloodwolf806: There is no such thing as PC fanboys. And who told you about this "more emphasis on console crowd", or are you just making stuff up? Drop this tone, nobody likes a wise ass. The discussions here have been civilized and your post has a smell of trolling to it. The business side of the matter has already been discussed here along with other concerns and factors. We're not idiots, and neither are EM. We're not screaming PC EXCLUSIVE or boycott. And they've set up these forums for a reason. They know a sequel only succeeds if the fans say so, and it so happens that Thief fans are mostly on PC. Your post is redundant at best.

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    "No such thing as PC fanboys"? Fine, what about "elitist"? There are plenty of PC diehards that spit on consoles as if they were utter trash. And I wasn't trolling or being an arse, I was merely stating an observation that seems to be prevalent in the industry. Splinter Cell- starts out hardcore, time goes on, series sales decline, then they turn it into more of a shooter (A very fine looking shooter, however) to appeal to the wider market. The same is happening with Deus Ex. The original had a very hardcore style gameplay that wouldn't appeal to a modern console-based audience, which is where the money and the players are at. Most of the time in todays market, console versions of a particular game outsell the PC version by a wide margin, sometimes exponentially. That doesn't mean that Theif 4 or Deus ex 3 won't be excellent games, just that the gameplay and style of play itself will be changed to fit the larger demographic. Square Enix is a business, which means they are primarily concerned with profit. Of course they care about quality, but that is a secondary matter. if it comes between pleasing the PC or console crowds, I can 99% guarantee they'll go with the latter. Of course, that assumption caters to the belief that things have to be "dumbed down" for consoles. Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2 say otherwise. Games on consoles can still be deep and engaging, but they must also be accessible. And If I came about in a harsh way I didn't mean to. I spend most of my time here in the DX3 forum, which is a cesspool of whiners, so I guess I came across like an arse..
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    Originally Posted by Bloodwolf806
    "f course, that assumption caters to the belief that things have to be "dumbed down" for consoles. Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2 say otherwise. Games on consoles can still be deep and engaging, but they must also be accessible.
    Fallout 3 is very much "dumbed down" on consoles compared to any of it's predecessors. Just take a look at the handicap-accessible item- or leveling systems and compare it to FO1 FO2 or FOT and you see what I mean. But the dumbing down isn't really a justified change for games at all. It's actually a delusion that games need to be simpler for console audiences. I have no idea where the developers have gotten the common belief that console players are all stoner fratboys with taff-for-brains because it's simply not true. A game doesn't need to be changed in any way to make it playable in consoles. Now that I think of it, a game might be smoother to play on a console because of the analog controls that a PC usually doesn't have.

    TLDR; 1. Fallout 3 is console crap compared to it's predecessors. 2. There is no reason whatsoever for the so-called "consolization".

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    The principal problem is that one man's dumbing down is another man's improving. We all need to be calmer.

    Unfortunately nobody listens to calm people, so I guess we have to scream to be heard.
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    Originally Posted by jtr7
    The devs got the idea from the feedback. And as I pointed out, there's no one discouraging them from their belief. Of course, not all console players are dumb, and many console players are also PC players, but the majority of the feedback they get is from the dumb consumerist sheep who are very easily pleased and keep paying for mediocrity and calling it awesome.
    I don't think that the dumb consumerist sheep give any feedback to the devs, because most likely they aren't aware about the possibility. They're mostly not geeks who go to game forums to whine about bugs. They're casual players who own a console and don't know about all the stuff going on behind the scenes. They probably don't have a slightest clue on how their game really works. The few tards who can't spell on the internets and try to get those dumbed-down ideas to these games are a minority among all the players.

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    Please no Cheesy Console Version - Do something for the PC's

    None offense to the console people or whatsoever really, but just rather frustrated with games as of the current last 2-3 years.

    Mainly due to that they could look so much better if they did not work out on 4-5 year old console platforms rather than up to date systems would be a nice change though.

    Anyhow if not the case or anything.. then keep the low resolution textures to the console variant and grant a posibility for PC users to chose which texture set they would like to use with eg. making a low-res (which would go for console standard and would work on really old PC systems) medium-res (which would go for PCs that are only a bit old) and finally high-res (that would work for systems with a rather good VGA card and got the ram to handle the better and more sharp textures)

    ANYHOW a pretty good modern age PC system should at least have more tweak and eye candy options compared to what you can put into a console, just my 5 cents to the debate.

    Development wise it would not take much longer for making sharper and higher resolution textures for PC owners, there are various methods in doing such as it is.

    So don't come here with some retarded flame party about that the dude writing this stuff down here does not offer a posible alternative idea. :/

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    If they would make a simple leap... and make it PC only the GFX would come as itself as for looking very good.

    Just saying what I am tired of... of course I agree to that the gameplay, history, plots and whatsoever should be epic as well, but it would be nice to have something actually pretty cool to look at as well... we do not write the year 1998 anymore in a figure of speech... hardware has been easier and cheaper to acquire.

    As for any direct flames or whatever I only have to say one thing and that is that I really pity those people.

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    If only EM would make T4 PC only...that would be dumbing lowest common denominator (console) compromising developmental excellence...I wish...

    Standing by for console 'tard attack...surveying field...

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    A secret weapon perhaps?...a psychic WMD?...I think not...more likely a massive 'tard onslaught in an attempt to overbear by whining...we must be vigilant, lest we succumb to their mind-numbing effects.

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    Believing, even thinking about asking them to even dare to think about trying to exclude Console is... immature.

    I think console isn't the problem, they just should develop a full PC game and then dumb it down for console.

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    Sir, it seems they are romping around in plain view, and they can't even see us yet. No wonder they want dumbing down. It seems, sir, that some smartening up is what they need, though.

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    ...Well, it looks like we'll have to rely on our intelligence as usual to fend them off.

    Originally Posted by s guy
    Sir, it seems they are romping around in plain view, and they can't even see us yet. No wonder they want dumbing down. It seems, sir, that some smartening up is what they need, though.
    Yes, I can see that lieutenant...they seem to be unaware of our presence, perhaps they are waiting for reinforcements...or more likely shivering in their boots at the thought of engagement...

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    I like how the folks who would inevitably be 'flaming' this thread - due to the silly proposition that making a niche game a PC exclusive as well would be sound business from Eidos' standpoint - are more likely to be called 'tards than the OP. Even as the OP seems to struggle with the English language itself.

    I mean... this guy actually typed out the statement 'Mainly due to that they could look so much better'... and we're the 'tards?
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    You guys were talking about 'tards. The last twelve posts were about 'tards. Preparing for the 'tards' inevitable arrival, etc.

    So I talked about the 'tard.

    How is that changing the subject?

    If I wanted to change the subject, I'd at least talk about something I'm interested in. Motörhead, for example. There, now I'm changing the subject.
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    Motörhead don't interest that much, I've seen 'em a couple of times and Lemmy only gave an average performance.
    Who do interest me though are Hawkwind, who Lemmy was briefly with before Motörhead.

    And Cap'n Acer, people were having a laugh and then you come around and start making ad hominem attacks on Themarvin. What gives?

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