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Thread: YOUR THOUGHTS & WISHES & SUGGESTIONS for T4 - General Discussion

YOUR THOUGHTS & WISHES & SUGGESTIONS for T4 - General Discussion

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    YOUR THOUGHTS & WISHES & SUGGESTIONS for T4 - General Discussion

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    Thanks EM

    Remember we loved Thief for introducing the excellent concept.

    We loved Thief 2 for refining it to near perfection (no undead, great story, open spaces, great locations, intelligent mission design).

    We didn't love Thief 3 because of its unintuitive city, cramped missions, exploitative elements (please remove climbing gloves and bring back rope arrows), clunky movement and slightly uninspired story.

    If you see T2 as your inspiration I guarantee we will love you for it.


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    I'd like to see the focus on T1&2 as well (which means no 3rd person!), especially with reference to level design (and colour).
    Looking forward to following this project unwrap! Thanks!

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    This is just awesome, long live EM!
    "The year is 2027"

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    The highest ground...

    Cool THIEF - Fave game of the series? Best feature of the series? Wishlist for T4

    Which of the Thief games was your favourite, which one was your least favourite - and why?
    What key feature(s) did you like best about the game series?

    Do you hope that T4 will retain these elements, or do you prefer to see something totally new?
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    I would love T4 to really regather from its roots, because the level designs in T1&2 were both technically and visually stunning.. I think the most famous (and most loved) is life of the party, and to spend an hour just making our way to angelwatch, and then to see the rest of the mission before us as we stare at that huge building is what we would call the sublime. Garrett himself and a lot of his tools I feel make thief what it is, and to push them to one side would be a great loss.
    T3 was a little monochromic..

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    OMG, I Love you SOOOOO much!!!!\

    This game is the game of my childhood THE best game EVER created! Thank you so much Eidos for net letting the franchise die. Plz give Thief the tribute it deserves. And count me as TOTALLY in, to be among the first guys that will buy the game when it comes out. If there is a collector's edition, I AM SO GETTING IT!

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    I have not played the Thief games yet. (I have a feeling I'll be murdered soon for saying that!) but I hear that Thief 1 & 2 were the best. I say its best to stick to how the originals were rather then the latest one released, in this case DS. Don't forgot that the originals are why everyone loved it and never forget the classic fans and their needs!

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    Thief 2 by far, Looking Glass were genius's for resisting adding much in the way of 'new' stuff, they focused on excellent mission/story design and it made it by far the best game.

    No/few undead please.

    Thief 3's roamable city was a good idea but was poorly implemented. Either focus on this a very large amount (make it intuitive, I was pretty disgusted at the lack of loot potential and rooftops around the city generally) or if this seems too much revert back to a sequence of missions ala 1 and 2.

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    Wow this is so damn awesome guys been waiting for this one. Just hope they keep Garret I heard they may have a new lead character. Hope it isn't true though!

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    I like to try and avoid making pointless posts that don't contribute in any way. But to hell with it:


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    Master Thief will come back soon! YAHOOOOOOO!!!!)))

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    Originally Posted by Velecost
    Wow this is so damn awesome guys been waiting for this one. Just hope they keep Garret I heard they may have a new lead character. Hope it isn't true though!
    1. Where have you heard this?

    2. They'd be crazy not to have Garrett as the lead, absolutely crazy.

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    I think there should be traces of the undead in certain places where appropriate. All three games had them at some point. Return to the Cathedral and The Cradle are missions which are still spoken about today. While I am not a huge fan of scary games/movies in general, (they are often quite cliche) they fit with the Thief world and I would not be opposed to their return. Though, it must be said that Eidos Montreal will have some large shoes to fill when building a mission to compete with the two I referenced.

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    I loved the roof tops in the first two, and the exploring. There was not enough in TDS or buildings to rob. TDS was good to roam though.

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    if you could provide a roaming city (that is working as opposed to the one in TDS) BUT place your tightly designed, detailed and flawlessly voiced missions into it, giving the player the most incentive to follow the story and let the surrounding be a tool for make-belief (like the old Mafia game did) it would certainly appreciated.
    every mission should be designed about a moral theme/idea, the location/robbery itself, the characters involved and the tools available to your character. Don't forget: limitations often give you more incentive to experiment and make the game seem more "open and free" than any sandbox design can (see NOT: Far Cry2). Replayability comes from those things you don't see and maybe never see in one playthrough (stuff Valve likes to cut which makes their games one-way thrill-rides with almost no lasting appeal). Rebooting a franchise, sticking to its high values and quality AND delivering a blockbuster-sized return for EIDOS....... either you stick with the game how it was and don't even start the THI4F - hip marketing - crap or we can get ready for QTEs.

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    Not so much a problem with the benign apparitions but the zombie's and haunt levels.

    OK 'no' undead is going too far but Thief 2 had them for atmospheric/story purposes only and was better for it by a mile.

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    the most important must be:

    • Stephen Russell as Garrett
    • Eric Brosius for music
    • Bring back the classic Thief 1 and 2 feel and look, not Thief 3
    • make The City dark and mysterious, steampunk.
    • Thief IV not Thi4f
    • no loading zones, brakes immersion
    • proper blackjacking and swimable water

    more to come

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    I agree with acridrose

    Here's my own words though

    Deadly Shadows had some good stuff brought on from the first two games and some new things that improved the gameplay, even so it wasn't as good as the first two games and that is also what I think the general opinion amongst all Thief-fans is.

    So what Eidos should do now is to look closely on what made Thief 1&2 so great.
    What I really liked about Thief 1&2 was of course the story, the settings and the atmosphere.
    The funny dialogues, all mysterious charachters each having their own story and Garrett; the ultimate protagonist whom Stephen Russel should be doing the voice-acting for. I can't possibly imagine having another voiceactor than him :<

    Thief 3 took a step away from the first two games, which wasn't to enjoyed by all us hardcore Thief fans. Don't take an even bigger step trying to make Thief 4 into something that it isn't to gain more buyers of the game. Thief is in my opinion the best game-serie ever created, you got some quite heavy job ahead of you, don't fail us Eidos, give us an adventure we won't forget and not just a lousy followup to squeeze some more money out of this serie

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    No roamable city unless it is part of a mission on its own (e.g. life of party).. revisiting places never works and developers seem to like you running backwards and forwards in sandbox games- this is not what thief is about - exploration is a key element.

    And Dominus, I agree with everything listed thus far (unless for some reason you edit it, hehe).

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    While it's inevitable that new features will be added, I feel that Thief needs to go back to the basics. Putting more emphasis on Garrett stealing to survive, and less emphasis on ANCIENT GODS TRYING TO DESTROY THE WORLD. Some features which I think would be nice to see are:

    More of an open world. While the maps in Deadly Shadows were open, and allowed you to travel from location to location, there were still a lot of limitations. Along with the open world, you have the option to enter a large amount of the houses and steal almost everything. (Within reason). The balance the idea that the player can steal everything and sell it for 300000000 million dollars, a weight system, and an advanced AI is introduced. The NPC would notice what is missing, and instead of going "Oh my, my [x] is missing", and continuing along their path, they do something about it. IE, go walk around a radius near their home to see if they can locate anything, talk to the local guards, etc.

    The climbing gloves need to be taken out. It was a stupid idea in the first place.

    Invisiblity potions need to be taken out.

    There should be no option to select a difficulty level at the beginning of the game. The missions should start out easy and get progessively harder. The sub-missions should have a varying degree of difficulty, which is told to Garrett by the fence he recieves the mission from, but indirectly. IE, Very difficult = "Others have tried this one, and their job didn't end so well", etc.

    The lockpicking system in Deadly Shadows worked, but needed some improvements. The fact that there was a pattern to each kind of lock, made it possible to open each lock too quickly, and took the fear out of getting caught.

    A feature where Garrett and visit a fence and get different jobs. Instead of a strictly linear storyline, during the game you can take a break from the plot and take on smaller sub-missions.

    Health potions are fine, but should be scarce and cost a lot more in shops. It would put more emphasis on sneaking.

    The only items Garrett should start with are his blackjack and lockpicks. He should have to either steal of buy the rest of them.

    There are more features which I think would be nice to see, but I will either edit my post or make a new one later.

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    Thief 2 definitely favourite game of the series
    The whole atmosphere of the world and the awesomeness of Garrett and the story are the best features of the game (basically almost everything).

    Make sure you bring back the hilarious guards and their conversations!

    Edit: Also bring back rope arrow!

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    My favourite game is easily Thief 1. I loved the sense of place all the locations had, and also the intricate plot. The twist after having acquired the Eye is possibly one of the best in any game ever.

    Huge, unbroken levels are a must, as are multiple routes in navigating them. What would be nice would be a huge continuous city, though that's probably a lot to ask (or is it in these days of Assassins Creed?)

    They've got to bare in mind the events of the previous 3 games. In each, the major factions were losing their power. 4 should deal with the City finding a new order of things, while the old factions continually scheme to reclaim their position. I'm not actually in favour of a dynamic plot as a lot of games are trying. I'd love to see them go for a linear narrative set in an unlinear world.

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    Originally Posted by StalinsGhost

    Huge, unbroken levels are a must, as are multiple routes in navigating them. What would be nice would be a huge continuous city, though that's probably a lot to ask (or is it in these days of Assassins Creed?)
    lol, assassins creed is NOT an exemplar world for thief IV. I agree with uninterrupted exploration (big mistake in T3 were the loading bars), but sandbox games will get you trapped in one world with one design with lots of backtracking. Thief was great because it took you to extremities in each mission (Constantine's mansion, anyone?? ) - so I vote mission-by-mission.

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    Much of what has already been said. Rooftops were a blast and I agree with all of Dominus's points especially about Stephen Russel as Garrett please do not change the main character. Thief 1 and 2 were awesome 3 was too but the tech took away from it by the loading and it felt a bit clunky. So wishlist would be

    Keep Stephen Russel as Garrett and as main character
    Free roaming city done right
    SECRETS and a tally at the end of the mission for secrets/treasures found/stealth rating (really liked this added replayability)
    Mature storyline with depth that we can debate on the forums after with some ambiguity
    Improved combat that is engaging with ability to make guards look like fools while escaping like pulling their shirt over their head or knocking their helmets down so they cannot see etc
    Backstory log in a journal type book to give it that cool feel
    A journal that keeps track of sidequests, movies, story, characters, items, enemies (bestiary) to really give the world more detail and depth
    Achievements/Trophies that add replayability to the levels
    Perhaps a morality system based on decisions
    Ability to upgrade weapons/equipment/abilities with treasure stolen

    Just threw those ideas out there to play around with, more to come... Also I hope they don't try anything too new and innovative, keep the characters/story and the key aspects we love.

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    Thief 2 was definitely the best. It perfected the formula. Excellent story, brilliant atmosphere, HUGE, non-linear, varied missions.

    Deadly Shadows had some interesting ideas, but was hampered by the whole "city" idea - the idea good in itself, but poorly implemented.

    Garrett as main character or people will burn down Eidos HQ.
    Non-linear, long missions.
    Steampunk atmosphere.
    Rope arrows.
    An obligatory "scary" level. The Haunted Cathedral from Thief and Shalebridge Cradle from Deadly Shadows are imaginative, scary, unsettling, simply EXCELLENT missions.
    Clever story. No more "ancient evil boo hoo".

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