The worst kept secret in gaming finally comes out from the shadows! Yes, it's official: Thief 4 is in development at Eidos Montréal! I'm René, and you might recognize me from such forums as Deus Ex 3. I'll be your community guy during this journey. It's been great fun sticking my head into this forum over the past few months to watch the community alive and kicking after all these years. Everyone here is a real fan and it's a great thing to see the interest level so high with custom content for the old games coming all the time.

For now, check out the official site at and the new Thief 4 forum at

I'm really glad to be here and if you ever want to get in touch with me, send me a PM any time. I'll lock and sticky this thread for now since this is the Classic forum and we'll try and keep things organized. See you there!