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Thread: PSP: 100% Save Game File?

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    PSP: 100% Save Game File?

    I was wondering if anyone could upload or link to a downloadable save game file for the PSP version of Tomb Raider: Legend, with all Tomb Trials complete and extras (especially outfits and custom backgrounds) unlocked? This may be wishful thinking but it has been released for quite a while. Any help at all is appreciated! Thank you! (Apologies if this has been asked before.)

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    I don't think a 100% save is available.

    There was a thread asking for the same thing a while ago, here, but I don't think that was so useful to the person.

    I have TR:L for the PSP [and a working PSP, btw]. I've completed the game, done all but two time trials, and as far as rewards go I'm at 98%.
    In Tomb Trials, I've only completed one Master Challenge; for Treasure Hunt I've completed 3 bronze and 1 silver. ( = unlocked 16% of content, i.e. one outfit of six, I think).
    Have not given the Tomb Trials a great deal of play, however I could do this if you cannot. A 100% save would be a useful thing to share, I think.

    (I'm busy all tomorrow, so won't be able to put much effort into it until Sunday).

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    I've found a save file with three of the six outfits, which I think is the current best I can find that's compatible with my NA PSP.

    That's very kind of you! Of course, only if you feel like putting in the effort. I'm embarrassingly bad at high-pressure situations, so mixing instant death with a restrictive time limit is just frustrating for me - I'm no good at the Tomb Trials competitively, unfortunately. ): A 100% save file would probably be very useful to a lot of people! If only we could figure out how to get all six PSP exclusive outfits on one file. Do you know if anyone's attempted Raid n' Seek?
    I'd just finished the shenanigans in the night club which took me, like, a day because Lara controls like a hoard of spastic lepers all trying to wear the same tube sock.

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    Nope. I don't know anyone else with a TR:L UMD... I think there's a TR:L/A double pack coming to stores next week, not entirely sure. That could help with trying out Raid n' Seek, it would be an interesting one to see what it is like.
    I'm pretty sure given that it's 16% unlocked, that the 6 outfits are only unlocked during Treasure Hunt mode, though. I got one for doing the "Silver" challenge; so I assume one outfit is unlocked when you complete a Gold or Silver Treasure Hunt for each level. (Bolivia, Croft Manor and Fiery Maze).

    EDIT: (18/04)
    I'll give some hints:
    a) the important thing with Tomb Trials is to not give up, and realise that unless you're super, you're probably going to lose at "Bronze" (3 artefacts) many times before you start getting enough artefacts.
    The Key to Tomb Trials, I think, is knowing the area, (and knowing which "mugshot" of a treasure goes to which treasure location). By going through the Bronze stage heaps and heaps you'll eventually get to know the area really well. (Bolivia I find to be the "easiest" to know, Croft Manor is probably harder, and Fiery Maze is probably the hardest among them).
    b) When you can easily get through the Bronzes work your way up to Silver. If you can't manage to get enough, keep trying.
    I am not completely sure of this, but I think that there is often [if not always] a certain "path" to take to be able to get to all the treasures easily. I think this is more apparant on Gold where there are more treasures, [this is just a guess at the moment].
    Get 'good' at knowing multiple/alternate routes to treasure destinations.

    Perhaps after all that work getting "Gold" should be easy enough. (Oh, and it's not worth "saving" if you do lose a match, just quit and replay :P)

    EDIT: (19/04)
    Less sure about that guess about a path.
    Just went through to check the amount of treasures/times given for treasure hunt:

    Bronze: 3 in 1:45 minutes
    Silver: 7 in 2:00 minutes
    Gold: 10 in 1:40 minutes

    Croft Manor
    Bronze: 3 in 2 minutes
    Silver: 5 in 3:30 minutes
    Gold: 9 in 3:30 minutes

    Fiery Maze
    Bronze: 3 in 2 minutes
    Silver: 7 in 2:20 minutes
    Gold: 10 in 2:15 minutes


    I had a *really* close look at the Croft Manor level, it's pretty close to the normal Croft manor. The tricky part is that it's all 9 rewards in 3 minutes 30 seconds, not just a cluster of them. (The advantage of that is that it's not random).
    Not sure about the other levels in terms of Gold, though I think that it's not all of the rewards for those levels. Will do a count later.

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    First of all, while my reply is a bit late and probably isn't of any use to the original creator of this topic anymore... Some people might still bump into this topic when searching for the very same thing as the topicstarter. This is the reason why I'm still posting this reply.

    Secondly, my savefile is from a European PSP but I did read somewhere that the savefiles for Tomb Raider: Legend might be compatible between US and EU consoles.

    As for the savefile... Apart from the six exclusive PSP outfits for the game, I haven't unlocked much yet. My girlfriend and I both got the game a few days ago since we wanted a cheap game that allowed us to play together with an ad hoc connection. Apart from the outfits I have also collected all the rewards from Bolivia and the Croft Manor, I haven't even played the other levels yet.

    Anyway, here's my game's save folder:

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    Thanks a lot for sharing nevertheless. I'm sure that getting all the extras that require two players to unlock (namely all 6 outfits in a single memory) is what's been holding people back on this. I myself can't check since I don't own a PSP, but I'm sure your savegame is bound to be much appreciated.

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    Please TRL PSP 100% save game

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