Thread: White screen after hopper chase cut scene

White screen after hopper chase cut scene

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    White screen after hopper chase cut scene

    Hi im running Vista 64 with 8800GS in sli using 182.08 drivers. The problem im getting is after the cut scene, as helm drops you off to take out the hell cannons, my screen slowly goes white. The hud is still visible, the audio still works and you can swap from normal view to scope view. Im running the exe in windows xp sp2 compatability mode. Anyone got any ideas?

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    Found a workaround for this problem for us vista x64 users.

    Set the game's compatibility mode to "Windows 98/ Windows ME".

    Note, when you start up the game you will not see your profile, this is due to the way Rogue Trooper handles gamesaves on Windows.

    To fix the profile issue, copy your "Rogue trooper" folder from "Users>"account name here">Documents" over to "C:/Users>Public>Public Documents"

    Presto, a fully working game of rogue trooper. This should also fix the performance issue, i believe. I didn't have the problem but my gameplay was noticeably smoother.