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  1. Originally Posted by elson
    Just want to ask advise the site Square Enix JP that with the change of Final Fantasy Versus XIII to XV should also change the official website ...
    I know it is a recent change to the game Final Fantasy XV, but if you were already prepared for the surprise that gave us this E3 should already have closed the site shortly after the announcement and I think it would not hurt a little note apologizing the fans who expected the game to PS3 thank you...
    in all honesty, i'm glad they're not makign another chapter to the XIII series. cause let's face it, no final fantasy fan has that old, classic feelign since X. and that was quite a whiel ago, and hwo sad is that? Final Fantasy XV has awakened a deep feeling i ahve for the series, the same feelign i got when i first played Final Fantasy VII at the age of 10. and i don't wnat that feelign to be blowen i'm rooting for this game all the way.

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    Uh TC, that site redirects to the new Final Fantasy XV website.

    It's their game. They don't really need to apologize to anyone for moving platforms. If Nomura thinks that the only way his vision can be achieved is on Next Gen, then so be it.

    In any case, Square DID apologize.

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    Anyone else think they need to do Developer diaries? I wanna see the team behind this and i want to see who the artists are, the level designers, the sound technicians, the combat designers and all that other neat stuff.

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    Originally Posted by Thamauturge
    Uh TC, that site redirects to the new Final Fantasy XV website.

    It's their game. They don't really need to apologize to anyone for moving platforms. If Nomura thinks that the only way his vision can be achieved is on Next Gen, then so be it.

    In any case, Square DID apologize.

    Remembering that your post was written one day after the thread creation and explains why now it was not Versus XIII, but Final Fantasy XV did not understand the irony but okay.

    You're right, the game is Square Enix, but as far as I know we are fans of the series, fans of the company, but above all we are consumers and the company has for a long time (years) advertisements that this game would be for PS3, the official website announced that the game would be for the PS3 platform and not for the PS4, it remained at least 3 hours after the announcement of the change of Final Fantasy Versus XIII to XV.

    So yeah, Square Enix being the holder and announce a product on your site should have made an apology on the official website, after many were unable to attend E3, those who watched saw the apology Yousuke and who does not can attend at least have the application on the website in a statement,but in cases like this they need post an oficial note.

    Also not criticize at any time if it would be better or not the game is released on another platform, who must decide with certainty is the company and only her, I just said that the site was still wrong and that could change soon after the announcement was made , which was not made until nearly three hours after the announcement.

    I do not understand why so much irony and why some people bother so much to the criticisms that are made to Square Enix, a company lives of praise when she hit and critical when she makes mistakes so she just has to grow, I am a consumer of the products of Square Enix and have the right to ask for answers, this is called democracy.
    If it was a critical abusive okay I understand, but my criticism was to help and at the same time remember that above all else (fans, gamers etc)

    we are consumers, you are also a consumer as everyone waited for that game for almost 7 years , a game that just won a trailer, almost no information and some pictures, we had many "wait a little longer" or "please be patient and wait for more information" in the end very little was said about the game and even now just another trailer was presented and only, who bought the PS3 waiting for the game as I did years ago, will have to be content to wait for the PS4.
    So yes I think we deserved an apology and more explanations, I deserved for all over 6 years of waiting.

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    I am not angry about the name change, nor am I angry about it being on the PS4, what I am angry about is the fact that SE announced FF Versus 13 for being on the ps3, the jan 2011 trailer said it was going to be for ps3, and then we hear NOTHING for 2 years, past a kotaku article saying the game was cancelled and folded into FF15 (meaning elements of the game is being used in the new FF15, but what versus was, no longer exists), then SE replying to this saying that the game is still being made (they didnt say it was being turned into ff15 at this time, nor did they say that it was peing put on the ps4), or the game is progressing nicely, you will be floored, please wait for more info!

    THE RESPONSE TO THE KOTAKU ARTICLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WHEN THEY SAID IT WAS GETTING A PLATFORM CHANGE/NAME CHANGE! instead we are told that the game is not cancelled and we are led to believe it is STILL on the ps3!

    we ALL knew that ff13 was being developed for the ps3, way before the ps3 was ever released. then they decided to multi-platform release it on the 360, all we knew originally of versus 13 and agito 13 was versus was gonna be on the ps3, and agito was a mobile phone game (later upgraded to the psp and renamed as type-0).

    for most of Versus 13's development life all we had heard was that it would be for ps3, and that it wasnt cancelled, and it wasnt til the ps4 reveal earlier this year that many of us was expecting a dual ps3/ps4 release. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE BETRAYAL that Square-ENIX made this a PS4 exclusive, and announed it as such, VERY late into the game! and according to, apparently after the jan 2011 FF conference was held in which they showed off type-0, versus 13 as well as 13-2, they decided to change the name to ff15, as well as make it a ps4 exclusive! this is TWO YRS of being trolled! they didnt mind sharing the goods on ff13, ff13-2, ff14, or lightning's return, why be quiet over versus/ff15? how hard is it to say they decided to make it for the ps4, instead of staying silent and announcing it now? it is UTTER BS!

    SE has lost a loyal fan, one that joined when FF7 was released for the psx. i saw that jan 2011 trailer around march 2011, and i already was wanting to buy a ps3 for demon's souls, but this made me really want a ps3 cuz all the news then was that it was a ps3 exclusive with talk about being a 360 release, but never confirmed. i bought a ps3 in may of 2011, cuz sony was running a promotion through gamestop for a $100 off coupon, i assume this is to recoup losses from the psn outtage which was finally ending around this time. i wanted a ps3, but i didnt want to spend the high price that it cost when it was first release, and with this $100 off coupon it brought the price down to $200 which let me buy a 160gb system as well as a game. as i had a 360, i decided to sell it, i had ff13 for it, but traded it in and eventually got it replaced on the ps3, and later got 13-2 for the ps3 as well. it was my goal to have 4 ff games on my ps3! of the 4 games, the only 2 i cared about was ff13 (original) and versus 13 (whenever it came out).

    WTF is SE thinking with making it a ps4 exclusive?! they put out DQ10 on the wii and wii U, they released Lord of Apocalypse on the psp and vita, why the hell cant they do the same for versus 13/ff15?

    to right this wrong, they either need to dual release it for the ps3/ps4, or buy me a ps4! i bought a ps3 for this game cuz the 2011 trailer said ps3! and we were all told it was gonna be for ps3 until last year, thanks to kotaku that they put doubt on it! but when SE confirmed the game wasnt cancelled, they never said it was gonna be on ps4 at all!

    due to the fact that when the team that made ff type-0 neglected to make a vita release for it as well, and kept it on the psp, and SE feeling the psp was too risky a system to release a game that would have garunteed them money anyways if they had released it, we won't ever see type-0 which pisses me off! Squaresoft took the "secret of mana" engine and created "secret of evermore" way back when on the snes, WHY THE HELL cant the SE companies outside of japan take type-0 and make a Vita version for the rest of the world!?

    as such, ff15 will be the last SE game that i ever buy! if i ever do buy a ps4, it will NOT be because of ff15, it will be because of other games on the system that i want, due to what SE has done, it has soured the experience of owning versus/ff15 for me, and when i do get my ps4, ff15 is gonna be the LAST game on my list!

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    So you want a free Ps4 because you feel slighted? and if you do get one its not gonna be JUST for FF15? but i bet your still going to buy it.....sounds childish.

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    i will buy a ps4 if there are other games released for it i want, if nothing appeals, then i wont, i wont be buying it any time soon anyways cuz i cant afford it. but i am not buying a ps4 for ff15.

    i want this game on the ps3, which means a dual release! i dont care how awesome the ps4 footage looks, the fact they kept us in the dark about it til now, is what spoils the game for me!

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    FF13 was originally developed for PS2. Do you want them to put FF13 on PS2 as well?

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    So what your saying is that your upset because SE didn't tell you that it was moving to next gen platforms even though they are contractually obligated to not talk about the next gen platforms at that point in time.

    Just want to make sure that's what your saying yeah?

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    DQX doesn't have WiiU graphics, it received a simple upscale. FFXV was recreated using their powerful next-gen engine Luminous.

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    edited to remove quote as it was the wrong choice.

    The life of a gamer is so complicated. I played the orginal ff1 that came out on the nintendo not the ps1, I felt so betrayed I quit the series, Yawn, until I gave up and bought a ps3 now I have 1-8 I also have a very hard time with rts based games due to limitations in my life that make them extrememly challenging just to play let alone complete. Yawn, but I love the world and the story, and its always made sense in the end, no matter what eras it moves to. I'm so glad it could persist so long and I still do my best to enjoy it, because it is better then any book or cruddy tv show you can find, yawn... Its really your loss to throw out something you love from your life, not theirs. So, dont spit into the wind it will hit you in the end.

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    I don't think i mind it being on the PS4 but the thing that really makes me mad... is the fact that PS3 has a bunch of games i want coming out soon such as FFX HD and KH 1.5... the problem is... PS4 is NOT Backwards compatible! (as far as i know)

    I was going to buy a PS3 to get them, i also figured i would be able to get versus on it when it came out... now i don't know what to do.

    Is it really worth it to buy a PS3 AND a PS4!? Then i have to switch them around when i want change consoles, which is annoying.

    I was never planning on buying a PS4 or Xbox One, i had just planned to get a really nice PC for next gen stuff.

    I guess i'm missing out on ff15 D:

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    he crying cause he baught a PS3 in 2011? lol thinking about it.. wouldve costed $200-$300 at the time. If he's crying cause he dont want to buy a PS4 (which im thinking he will anyway) this makes this rant childish. I still have my PS1 and PS2 for the same reason that something like this may happen when PS3 was released.. even PS2 plays PS1 i just like having it there, i dont have a problem switching between them as i already do switch between my nes, snes, genesis, dreamcast and wii. I'm actually excited for the PS4 and will buy 1 maybe 2 since i dont like sharing with my brothers lol. Even if SE loses 1 fan... 1 fan is nothing compared to the billions that it already has.

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    @OP, I understand how you feel but we are all moving forward. How about get PS4 at the release date of FFXV and get other games along with it.

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    Originally Posted by Soapstone

    SE has lost a loyal fan...

    Not so loyal, I think, and not much of a fan.

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    TL,DR. Youre proly just being a baby..

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    if i got the money, i might, i usually have to get the big stuff like a new video game system on my birthday or xmas, so that can be troublesome as we dont have a release date for the game yet.

    i did see the trailer for it, and i do think it looks like a pretty cool game graphically, however, i think the ps3 has life in it yet.

    what i like about e3, this year, is that microsoft waited a longer time before releasing the next xbox system and let the 360 live a fairly long lifespan as a result, and i feel the original xbox was shafted as there were several games on it that never got to use all the system's bells and whistles except for perhaps the DoA games released on it, the cgi scenes were beautiful. the only downside i saw between the xbox and 360 was that both used dvd technology.

    the ps3 though is another matter, it had a very slow start due to the high price at the beginning, i am honestly glad the ps4 is gonna be cheaper than it was at launch. but due to the slow start and the adding in of the trophy lists to compete with xbox's achievements, it didnt really get it's real start until about 2+yrs ago from the fw update that implimented it and the games that came after that utilized it. of all the game consoles that came out last gen, only the ps3 and 3ds were the biggest improvements. i havent read up on the ps4 so i dont know what technology it is using but i know the ps3 used bluray format discs for games/movies, can tell me a brief rundown of what the ps4 has going for it with tech advancements? or is it essentially a buffed up ps3, the way the 360 was for the xbox? due to the high price at the beginning of the ps3's life and the eventual psn outtage that happened from the hacking, i feel the ps3 should be out for a little while longer, and i havent seen any games on the ps3 that i have played that pushed the system to it's limits, i know with the ps1 ff9 and chrono cross pushed it to it's limits, and with the ps2 it was kingdom hearts, does anyone know if there is an actual game that has pushed the ps3 to it's limits?

    i know that when the ps4 reveal happened there were a bunch of rumors flying that they were doing away with the drm and wouldnt allow you to buy used games, and the game would be linked specifically to the ps4, and from what i heard of the e3 talk, this was false, but the xb one is doing this, so bully for microsoft, it sounds like i am going ps4.

    if the ps4 isnt backwards compatible, it isnt that big of a deal, i have recently decided to get rid of my psx, ps2, genesis, snes, and nes cuz they were taking up too much room, and i still have to hand of my old xbox which doesnt read discs that often anymore to a thrift store as no one really repairs and replaces the drives anymore.

    atm i have a 3ds, psp, vita, wii and ps3. i am likely gonna add a ps4 eventually, but as i said i am gonna wait til there is more than just ff15 to desire for it. i havent played any of the assassins creed games, cuz it isnt really my type of game, but i am sure i will find something of interest eventually.

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    No one cares if Square lied to you. You should expect this treatment from a company who is only interested in how much bread they can pile on the table. Square only has a mission statement. They have no ambition or any feasible coherent vision of what they want to do and where they can go due to bad business and extremely poor management.

    If you have anything to be upset about it's yourself for being naive to think Square owes you something. Everybody lies.

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    No matter what this game is not a big thing action rpg mafia game.Should remain for PS3.

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    SE lineup for PS4 isnt only FFXV, did you forget about KH3..and why not in PS3 i guess its because it use DirectX11 and their new Luminous Engine..maybe these stuffs that makes its quite hard to port it in PS3...

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    XV and KH3 huh? Color me unimpressed. Show me gameplay and more precisely how we'll play the game and furthermore a grand overview of what to expect from the game and then we'll talk.

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    sqaure enix lies alot you guys need to back off the OP i remember so many years ago when SE said dont worry loaly fans final fantasy 13 will only be for playstaion 3! (i still have the artlice somewere around here) ..lied Dont worry loaly fan base final fantasy 13 verus will only be on the ps3 O.<.......................lied the orignal poster has every reason to be upset the ps3 has only one (not talking about up comming ff14) sqaure enix title ...err forogt star ocean..........has two titiles while the xbox360 has so many..and none sold well on it..sorry for horrid spelling im typeing with my thumbs -__-

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    When are people going to realize big corporations aren't their friends? Like Magius says, this kind of thing should be expected, and lies about platform release and video game titles should be the least of your dismay as a fan. You should be more concerned as to whether or not this game will live up to the franchise name and the massive about of hype it's receiving.
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    Shut up.

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    Let us not forget, both Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts III will have cross-platform releases on Xbox One & PS4!!

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