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Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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    I think, Sony or Square Enix must apologize, because Final Fantasy Versus 13 "will not" come to PS 3.

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    I think this game should also be a multiplat for the wiiu.

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    just saw the line up of games they'll be showcasing on e3. I got 57 sacks of tomatoes who wants one? no kh3 no versus 13 not even 15. Where's the we will show a new FF title for the next gen console at least

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    Pretty sure the PS4 Final Fantasy game is gonna be shown off at the Sony conference on Monday. We'll finally know if that is Versus or a new FF game all together.

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    Originally Posted by imported_Robert

    I think this game should also be a multiplat for the wiiu.

    Better stop talking about that WiiU or I'll dump your nerd books.

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    Am I the only one who is actually upset that Versus/XV is going to be on the PS4 rather than the PS3.

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    Originally Posted by eren

    Am I the only one who is actually upset that Versus/XV is going to be on the PS4 rather than the PS3.

    I am, personally, okay with that.

    All I care about is that, for the most part, Sony killed Microsoft.

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII/XV Gameplay Trailer:

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    Yea, I feel SE did a good job showing CGI and gameplay with this, it really looks rather polished, but hey, after this long I guess it better :P. My question is, how long has this all been decided haha.

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    Where i can see a official information that say that it will be only for PS4? ;-;

    I bought my PS3 exclusive for this game and... well, my hope isn't gone yet. ;x

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    I have tears on my face when i see Tetsuya nomura, when i see Noctis again all i belived comming to me again and Final fantasy XV.

    i will be continue waiting and beleaving on this versus project ;D


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    Looks ing awesome. Here's me hoping it delivers unlike FF XIII.

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    As soon as I saw the Square Enix logo during the press conference, I cheered. Seeing Noctis' name appear made me fangirl. Knowing that it still exists made my heart happy. Can't wait for the release!

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    I just want to say something that its really taking me down. You know, since when i finished school in 2009 i looked for a job, becouse i had the time
    then when i didnt have to go to school on mornings and college didnt took them neither. So i started to save money, why for? just to buy ps3 and final fantasy xiii, since square enix show this game and versus (now final fantasy xv) i knew i had to have them. I know its sounds stupid make a thread for this, but in my country this console and games are very expensive for people like me. We have not the best technology and of course im not the money kind guy. So i start a job for this console and this two games.
    First i bought ff xiii with my new ps3. it was insane i loved it as much as x and xii. But i was very sick for the waiting of final fantasy versus, i mean i used to check internet for news every week. So the time passed, then years. New sequels started to feed me, i bought final fantasy xiii-2 as possible i could, but versus was on the watinig list.
    Now i realize that my ps3, one of the reason for had buying it, its had been took it away from me. i mean i cant buy final fantasy versus anymore, coz what one time square enix called the next revolutionary game for ps3, the game i was thinking about when i first bought this console, is not comming out. I dont care why but i cant stop feeling frustrated, you gave me a reason to work hard and i did, but it was useless. Square enix you really have dissapointed me and i want you to know that i cant buy this ps4, and i cant play this game, the one i had been waiting for so long, the one which i work for while i was studying. I bought this console for your game and u took it away from me. So here i am. just trying to let you know what you have made me. I wish i could do something more but i really cant. I mean my english even isnt that good, i did what i could trying to write this and this is all i can do, fare well

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    Just want to ask advise the site Square Enix JP that with the change of Final Fantasy Versus XIII to XV should also change the official website ...
    I know it is a recent change to the game Final Fantasy XV, but if you were already prepared for the surprise that gave us this E3 should already have closed the site shortly after the announcement and I think it would not hurt a little note apologizing the fans who expected the game to PS3 thank you...

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    And please this was not a criticism just a reminder because many fans waiting for the game for the PS3, I particularly liked the change and I hope to soon be able to buy the PS4 thanks.

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    Hey there! I have no idea if this video will ever been seen by the higher-ups but I'd like to really throw my curve ball here at Tetsuya-san. Really surprised us. And I almost immediately made a reaction video. Obviously no one wants to see me gawking at Kingdom Hearts III but I really hope someone sees the insane passion (get it?) I displayed there. Everyone, now, is displaying their love for the series.


    Bryan Ribeiro

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    If you can put just $50 a month towards a PS4, you'll have it by January. It's just a fact of life, if you're a gamer, that games get delayed and new consoles get developed. It's also a fact of life that keeping up with current games and consoles costs money. Those two facts of life ought not be the reason you give up on SE or FF, and I would contend that if they are, you weren't much of a fan to begin with. I remember being broke, but scrounging for the money to play FFX (and Syphon Filter 2, but that's another story). That struggle is now something I remember and smile about.

    Plus, if FFXV is the only reason you bought a PS3, then sell it, and use the money for a PS4.

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    That my friend is called love, passion for something that may seem small to many meaningless or unimportant, but for me and for many others I'm sure you just give us a taste of what is a real gamer,a human as it best. Watch what you just show us makes me still have hope in this world full of evil and misunderstanding,but full of great things that worth more than anything in this world.
    I hope the folks at Square Enix also come to watch your video and I would ask them to please not to withdraw the video in this thread, because that's what I sometimes criticize the Square Enix and not only her but any other company, their fans and fans of his work are so spontaneous and deserve all the respect in the world. I wish they would stop to realize how much a "simple" game can make a difference in the lives of their fans.
    Thanks Bryan Ribeiro good fun with Kingdom Hearts III, you deserve it,and thanks Square Enix for Final Fantasy séries,it's one of my loves in this world.

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    They do need to apologize for releasing this on the PS4 instead of the PS3. Also for keeping it quiet and not giving any info on this for several years.

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    No, Play Station 3 will get FF Versus, meanwhile new PS4 will get XV with better graphics. Including DLC and secret ending plus demo of KH3.

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    Originally Posted by eren

    Am I the only one who is actually upset that Versus/XV is going to be on the PS4 rather than the PS3.

    A while back, I said once they show people new gameplay or a simple teaser/trailer all the complaints, *****ing, moaning, will all go away. They also seem to be forgetting, key points here. I'm pretty sure, lots of us purchased PS3 for FF titles and versus was no exception here. You need to once AGAIN purchase another console and that's still with no RELEASE DATE!. Which finally brings me to this final point, why should we believe them now?

    To answer your question, no, you aren't the only one. Just the minority here.

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    Anyone that purchased a console for a game with no release date doesn't deserve the game anyways. This is even more applicable for the Kingdom Hearts 3 PS3 buyers

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    its not coming to ps3 sadly at least as far as yesterdays news goes nomura did say he cant go into details but wait for the coming days. and yeah advice dont buy a console until youre 100% sure the game you want is coming out for it. let v13 be a lesson to all of us.

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    Originally Posted by Asran

    Where i can see a official information that say that it will be only for PS4? ;-;

    I bought my PS3 exclusive for this game and... well, my hope isn't gone yet. ;x

    No it's not only for PS4, it's confirmed for Xbox One as well.

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    I thought SE was pretty clear that "Versus" is now FF15, and it will be released on the PS4. I'm kinda bummed because, I never really was interested in Versus. So, now that it's FF15, this will be the 1st time I don't buy a Playstation system mainly for a FF game. I really didn't want FF15 to be so "Action/Adventure".

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