Thread: Problem with shellshock!

Problem with shellshock!

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    Problem with shellshock!

    Hi i am new here and i have a question or a problem with shellshock!
    So i installed the game no problems but than when i start the game i became this grafic error!

    Can anyone help me please?

    EDIT: Oh sorry my pc:
    IP IV 3.6 ghz
    Nvidia geforce 7900GT 256mb
    2 gb ram
    And the latest drivers

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    Please can anyone help me????

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    Originally Posted by King_crazy
    Please can anyone help me????

    Go to C:\Users\ (Your Account) \Documents\SHELLSHOCK_NAM67

    Open the TOD_PC.ini

    Copy the following lines:

    [Video Driver]
    Mode = 1920x1200x32 @ 0Hz
    ScreenMode = Fullscreen
    PostRenderEffects = off

    [Sound Driver]
    3D Sound = on

    by Mode you can put your own resolution for example:

    1024x768x32 @ 0Hz
    1280x1024x32 @ 0Hz
    1680x1050x32 @ 0Hz
    1600x1200x32 @ 0Hz


    Go to C:\Windows\System32

    find the OpenAL32.dll copy it and replace it with the OpenAL32.dll in your Shellshock game directory