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Thread: Control Configuration Problems

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    Control Configuration Problems

    Hello. I just installed TR Legend on my vista PC. Before I started playing I mapped all the buttons on my gamepad, which seemed to work fine when playing, but when I exit the game completly (back to the desktop) and restart the program, some of the mapped buttons have gone or changed. I have tried resuming my game from a manual save also, but the configuration seems to be 'forgotton' somehow.

    This only happens when you exit the game completly, not when you exit the current game and resume it again. Both patches have been installed, but this didn;t solve the problem.
    I have used the controler on TR Underworld and TR Anniversary and I never did this. I have also noticed that the control configuration option is always set to off, despite mapping all buttons, and can't get it to turn on.

    Has anyone had a similar experience. Any help would be most welcome.


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    I can't say I have, but then again, I'm not using vista.

    What gamepad, btw?
    When you say the "control configuration" is always off, do you mean the Options->Gamepad thing, or the Options->Controls->Button Configuration (I think it is)... if the latter: off? how so?

    So the button configurations clear when you leave... I would guess that it never gets to write them to the registry. I suppose it would be possible to adjust those values through regedit to get your gamepad to work.

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    It,s the Option-> Control-> Control Configuration that is set to off and is greyed out so it can't be changed. After mapping all control buttons, the option is still greyed out but the mapped buttons work untill I exit the game back to windows and restart. Only some buttons have been saved.

    Not sure what make of pad it is, or which registry key to edit.

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    It'd be under the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Dynamics\Tomb Raider: Legend\Input" key... I think there is one for each detected/used input device.. but beyond that I can't help so much.

    As a guess, copying the values over from TR:A if you want to remap could be helpful, under the assumption they use the same controls. (Backing it up before you change it manually).

    Odd issue, since TR:A and TR:U (on the same computer?) don't have any issue with the gamepad. I've seen cases where TR:L/U won't accept a specific gamepad, but this is a different problem, I think.

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    Okay thanks. thats helpfull.
    Maybe there will be patch available soon.

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