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Thread: Gangsters 3

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    Gangsters 3

    why have eidos not released a gangsters 3 gangsters2 was amazing and people are still playing it 8years on you cant say that about many games people love it i play it still its just an amazing game so please release a number 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmkillers View Post
    Why have Eidos not released Gangsters 3? Gangsters 2 was amazing and people are still playing it 8 years on from the release date... you can't say that about many games. People love it and I still play it. Its just an amazing game so please release Gangsters 3.
    Just made it a bit easier to read

    Gangsters 2 was not well received by critics. It got a 5.4/10 rating by Gamespot, 53/100 by GameSpy and 5.5/10 from PC Zone magazine. Very average scores.

    Amount of people still playing is irrelevant. That doesn't make it commercially viable to make a sequel just because some people are still playing.

    And, I'm sorry to say that they wont make one just because you have asked them to.

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    you ever played it alot of people still do

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    I request numerical proof of that statement. And then you could explain to me why exactly they will make a sequel based on number of people still playing, rather than amount of copies sold. Thanks

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    jog on haha " i request numerical proof"

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    Okay so I saw this thread and couldn't resist.

    I actually think Gangsters 2 is not the real gem. The original Gangsters was arguably one of the best mafia/mob games ever made (in terms of raw simulation and originality). Gangsters 2 was a very good graphics upgrade on the original, but the gameplay was essentially ruined. What made the original Gangsters truly great was its opened ended nature. You could achieve dominance in a city multiple ways, whereas the sequel did not even have a sandbox mode, let alone any real options short of "missions".

    People are still playing the original Gangsters:

    And Gangsters 2 for what its worth:

    The original model for Gangsters was sweet. I mean who wouldn't want to be Al Capone? Basically a combination of a business sim/strategy/city building game. You really felt you were part of a bustling universe when playing and there was nothing more satisfying than dealing with politics and bribes. The newspaper format of gameplay was simply genius and lent a realism unheard of in other games.

    The possibilities for improvement are endless. With the basic Gangsters gameplay model, and the Gangsters 2 graphics model, I think you could easily create new game because there would be no need for extra fancy graphics. It would occupy a niche market which is something Eidos could use IMO. Also, online multiplayer options could potenially be endless and develope a committed core.

    I would love to toss around ideas with folks to see if we couldn't generate some enthusiasm around this. I have lots of ideas.

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    There are enough "gangster" games as-is. It's a crowded market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhatsHisFace View Post
    There are enough "gangster" games as-is. It's a crowded market.
    Right, and I agree if we are talking about GTA and all of those shooter games. But I think that Gangsters as an economic and part RTS strategy game is quite unique. I mean you have really got to play the game to understand, I think. It really does create a plausible enivironment and an "aura" unlike any other game I have played to date. You have some role-playing elements, some business sim elements, and a realistic sim city like enivironment where every character has its place in society.

    It appears that Eidos has taken a different direction with most of their other games, but I think from a gamers perspective as well as a business perspective there is good potential to diversify their product line to appeal to a different type of gamer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhatsHisFace View Post
    There are enough "gangster" games as-is. It's a crowded market.
    There are quite a few WWII-based shooters (and strategy games) out there, too.

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    i completely disagree gangsters 1 & 2 are the only decent gangster strategy games on the market so how is it a crowded market? and gm killers is completely right me and my brother still play both and think they're both great and that they're should be a third but they should combine the freedom of gangsters 1 and the graphics and the easy gameplay of gangsters 2.

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    I Just signed up to these forums just because i found this while i tried to google gangsters 3 to ever find out the true story of where it went lol.

    From what im reading lots of persons seem to have the same feelings as i do lol, i bought gangsters 1 when i 15 maybe even younger lol, and it was by the far the best RTS game i have ever played in my life regarding this kind of RTS.

    Then that train wreck of a dissappointment gangsters 2 came out and i boxed it up withing the 1st week of me buying it to continue to play gangsters 1, they put to many boundries on a great open ended RTS/RPG game that the original gangsters was and im affraid the reviews of gangsters 2 scared Edios away from making a 3rd, and for this i will forever be mad at edios lol.

    But i came on here and signed up to this site for 3 things lol.
    1. Does anyone ever know if there was a mod of some sorts that ever came out for gangsters 1 to give it a graphical upgrade?

    2.Is there anywhere i can buy/download gangsters 1 again since my original disk is like 10 years old and no where to be found lol.

    3. Could Edios ever come to there sense and think about the easy money that could be made if they would enhance the graphics and multiplayer code of the orginial gangsters and sell it off as gangsters 3........I am positive this game would sell great, there is not 1 game in the RTS area that ever came close to the fun and atompshere gangsters 1 had, its a untouched open market that is prime for plucking, cause there is no one else doing it lol.

    Side not for other players who think gangsters 2 represents the franchise.

    Forget about gangsters 2, gangsters 1 is the gem, if anyone ever put down the gangsters series they probably never played the 1st one, but wasted there time on the 2nd, which is a huge mistake.

    Edios please find it in your heart, and business minds to revive this franchise lol

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    If you already baught the game

    Then you should just look for daemon tool and find an ISO for it. It's completely legal BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED FROM THE CREATORS

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    I also registered in the forum for the Gangsters Talk.

    1. Gangsters 1 is great. The idea is amazing but graphics, and bugs (too many) puts the game in the shelf. I BOught the original by the way...

    2. Gangsters 2 was more addictive to me, not because it was better in the concept of the game, but the gangsters were really cool in those suits, the photos in black and white, the missions were very enjoyable, the cars and so on... Ok it was very simple to play bue i think a mix of gangsters 1 and 2 would make a really awesome game.

    3 I think that it is not because 1 and 2 didn t sold too many copies that gangsters 3 would be a disaster in sales, i think with good promotion and dedication of eidos staff it would be a very successful game in the years to come.

    I´ve played all gangsters / mafia games and i think alongside Mafia 2, this could be a must.


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    I must admit Gangters is a fantastic game, as other people have said there was never and never has been a game like this on the market, surely posing a void that must be filled. I played Gangsters 2 expecting more of the same but with improved graphics, AI and gameplay, unfortunatley there was little in improvement, the graphics were better and the AI more intelligent but the lack of freedom threw me off this game. Gangsters was the basis for a fantastic genra of games, surely it could be made to an excelent spec now with all new 3D graphics, an higher AI detail, so please eidos make Gangsters 3.

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    Gansgters 3 petition. Sign it, or be damned.

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    I still play Gangsters the original classic!! I cant believe there are still people that play it! lol. Great game. Hope they make a re-make with better graphics and more options. I was searching in google for Gangsters 3 and ran into this forum. Good to know that there are still people trying to get Eidos or someone to make a remake. I support you guys! I signed up for the petition!! Lets go Gangsters 3!!

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    I still play gangsters 1 & 2 and know alot of other people that do too. there crazy if they dont make a gangsters 3.

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    This thread is like a zombie!

    "The Zombies...are COMING!"
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    I would love to play Gangsters 1, again. In fact, I just tried to install the game on my laptop.
    But, I get an install error, every time.. so, I cannot play it. =(

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    The hell...? What is up with all of the people with one through five on their post count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kain9998 View Post
    The hell...? What is up with all of the people with one through five on their post count?
    I think they joined the forum for the sole purpose of asking for this game which I've never even heard of the first two
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    Gangsters 1 was great. I also liked gangsters 2, but allot less then gangsters 1.
    I agree that there should come a 'gangsters 3'. And it should have the same feel as gangsters 1, I especially liked the idea of a 'working week'. That is what i missed most with gangsters two.

    they should add a gameplay mode for 'jail time' so players can also take control there!

    But do the developers even read this forum?

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    Never heard of this game lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Zoo Boy View Post
    Never heard of this game lol.
    Did you never heard of the game? Dude, you missed out on something

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