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Thread: Is it normal for this game to crash frequently?

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    Is it normal for this game to crash frequently?

    I don't play many PC games, in fact, this is the first one I've played in a few years. I've had it probably since it came out, but decided to play it now.

    I have a decent PC, so I thought I would play this game with all settings on, but it crashes a lot... I am still on the first level and it crashed about 5 times. The game seems good, so I want to play it through.

    Is this normal, or is it my setup?

    Windows XP 64bit Pro
    Q6600 @ 3240 MHz
    4GB PC 1066 RAM
    HD 4850

    I run the game at 1360 x 786 resolution.


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    Thumbs Down Hey

    I am having same problem. I can play Crysis. COD4, COH but this stupid game won't run for more than 2-3 minutes before it crashes my whole computer!!
    I like TombRaider. But I hate this game!! It's working on my last nerve!

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    Driver Problem

    What you are having trouble with is your drivers. ATI and NVIDIA are on the same page right now. Their latest drivers make a performance increase causing other problems. Typical of them. You have a factory overclocked card don't you. If so you have to go into ati control panel and turn down GPU. Find out your normal GPU speed and put it there. Or just underclock by like 100 mhz. If that doesn't fix the problem use the windows compatibility tab or update drivers and directx 9.0c.

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