Thread: BEL mouse problems

BEL mouse problems

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    BEL mouse problems

    Hello ....I found my old copy of commandos BEL and thought "hey why don't i install it and live once again the good times " installs ok in game menu but when moving the mouse it just crashes
    Do you guys have any idea on how to fix this ?
    I have windows xp home sp3 with latest updates
    Thanks in advance

    PS. Sorry for my english ...not my native language

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    I don't think it's the xp that causes you the problems since I haven't any problems.. You tried reinstalling the game? (ouch, bad ideas sry )

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    thanks for replying and yes i tried to reinstall a couple of times with typical install and full install ...still no success
    if i use only keyboard to get in game works but as soon as i move the mouse crash to desktop
    it's a bit odd since BCD is working fine mouse probs just with BEL

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    hi there!
    it's a bit strange to hear this problem appearing again, since i had this one a decade ago... my ibm 486 just weren't enough to run commandos, and it happened the same, every time i moved the mouse, crashed to the desktop. i had a mouse with a ball, got the ball out and tried to do it with keyboard only, and clicking. frustrating
    now the causes in your case must be different, however, i would try to set the compatibility mode to win98/me, or alternatively some firewalls could surprise the folks, so make sure you set the commandos.exe as safe, trusted whatever file.
    i hope you can figure it out

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    thank you for you advices AndrewT but i tried as you said and checked win95 and 98 compatibility tho no progress
    as for firewall all i have is windows standard firewall no fancy stuff ...and it's not blocking in anyway the main exe or anything else :\ i've added it to exceptions list and still nothing

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    Have you updated your mouse drivers?

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    well yes...i mean i use this mouse since i got it 1 year ago ...logitech mouse and i installed it with the install kit from the cd it came with .... not sure if there are any updates for it