Thread: Please insert BSM CD in the drive

Please insert BSM CD in the drive

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    Please insert BSM CD in the drive

    Hi all i downloaded BSM from the Game website and after installing the game got the following error "please insert battlestations midway CD in the drive" obviously i dont have the CD for the game so i went onto the Game website and downloaded the 2 patches available i have installed them (v 1.11 is the latest patch) byt am still getting the CD error message when trying to start the game. Does anyone know how to get round or fix this issue please

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    What is the "Game website"?

    Have you downloaded the demo version?

    Or if it is the full version did you actually buy it? Or just downloaded a pirated copy?

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    Please insert BSM CD in the drive

    Game is the name of a game retailer in the UK and it was their website i downloaded it from.
    It is the full version and i paid for it.

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    I checked this site and well yes: you can download BS:M
    It says that they give you the serial number to activate the downloaded game. However for BS:M there is no serial number even if you buy it at a retailer. Only thing you need is the CD inserted to play.

    The digital download version (from STEAM for example) does not require the CD but it requires the internet connection for DRM validation.

    I suggest you call the customer service of this GAMES site and ask them what to do.

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    please insert battlestations midway CD in the drive


    Scrub the problem it was my fault i unrar'd the downloads then used the setup.exe to install so i uninstalled and downloaded again but just activated the setup.exe and it now works fine...............i will now beat myself with a stick

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    don't hurt yourself.
    Just enjoy the game.
    S**t happens.

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    i need help

    when i load the raid on balikpapan, battlestations midway ask's me to insert its cd into the drive. its already patched to v1.1.1. and i've downloaded it also in
    i need help.