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Thread: Kazakhstan Next Gen crashing

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    Kazakhstan Next Gen crashing

    Well playing Underworld inspired me to install Legend again, and now that i have a better computer i can run it with next gen on...apart from Kazakhstan, it keeps randomly crashing, the problem goes away when i turn off NG, but is there any fixes so i can play it with NG on?

    I have a Quad Core, 4gb Ram 8800GTS with Vista 32bit btw

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    Legend Crash

    You don't need a fix. It's your drivers. I had the same problem with other games. NVIDIA's latest drivers cause game to crash due to a dramatic frame increase. Typical of them not to fix it but anyway turn down your gpu speed if you have a factory overclocked card. Or turn it down by 100 mhz anyway. If that doesn't work try windows compatibility tab or install latest patch. Also you could try turning off v-sync in setup. It probably is your drivers though. Let me know how it all goes. Oh, and you need n-tune if you don't have it!

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