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Thread: What are you most excited to see in KINGDOM HEARTS 3D?

What are you most excited to see in KINGDOM HEARTS 3D?

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    Brand new Disney worlds, playing as both Sora and Riku, Spirits and Nightmares -- with Kingdom Hearts 3D's North American release on the horizon, what part of the game are you most excited to see and why?

    For me, I'm excited to see all of the battle system components come together. Battling alongside Spirits as Sora and Riku in their own unique ways and unlocking new abilities to augment their powers. Using different Spirit combinations should make for some really interesting gameplay in addition to Freeflow.

    How about you?

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    The World Ends With You characters and the Tron: Legacy world

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    I'm excited for the story! Even though Kingdom Hearts has Disney characters in it! It makes one of a kind of a story! The story is what I love about the Kingdom Hearts story. I'm really excited about it'll set the actual 3rd Kingdom Hearts!

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    The World Ends With You characters

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    The Dream Eaters are one aspec that I'm looking forward to, but what I'm most exited for is justthe story in general!

    Can't wait to play the game and see what happens.

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    I'm excited to see Sora's arc more than anything... So many questions need to be answered... all the hearts that still reside in him, what will happen to him once he realizes all he carries within himself?? And more importantly, how will he fare after all is revealed???

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    I'm really looking forward to the story & seeing all the characters again. Also the gameplay especially the freeflow mechanic. In my opinion it makes you feel powerful, bouncing off walls and doing all that crazy stuff.

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    I'm really interested in the story, the new gameplay, and the presence of TWEWY characters. Besides, I want to know the meaning of the game's cover.

    Oh, and one more thing (shown in one of the trailers): Vanitas is back, baby!
    One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

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    Everything, I guess... since this title comes out for the series 10th Anniversary on the 3DS. Mostly how the story plays out, Sora and Riku, as well as TWEWY cast (cosplayed as Neku in one of the CON not too long ago, last April), the Disney Worlds (Pinnochio), the newly revamped command deck battle system, and Dream Eaters, yup.

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    Completely excited about the Organisation XIII Nobodies coming back! My favourite part of Kingdom Hearts are the cutscenes and storylines. And Roxas and Axel's story really kills me. I'm so excited to see them back in the game again after I thought they wouldn't be able to return. Organisation XIII members are just a bunch of fun. I love them so much.

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    I'm in the "everything" camp. I've been following information about the game since even before the Japanese release, through the official website usually.

    But if I had to pick something specific... bah, Neku and company in Traverse Town.

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    I can't wait to see aqua is back from the void, maybe along with ansem? And Axel is back! And on the good side! I thought he was dead. :T gonna buy the 3DS for this.

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    I'm excited for the storyline because you never really know what's going to happen. There's been so many twists and turns throughout this series already. I also can't wait to play as both Riku and Sora!!!

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    Anyone else nervous about Tron's world? I mean... It's the second movie. Not like it's "Tron 2.0: Killer App" from the GBA.

    But I am looking forward to it. I even went and preordered the Mark of Mystery edition via Amazon. Especially when I saw that the XIII are returning. A motly crew of jerks, but it will be interesting to see them again.

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    Playing as Riku and seeing his interaction with the Disney characters, which thankfully aren't all villains this time. The TWEWY characters, the all new worlds and since it looks like literally everyone or close to it will be in this game, that's definitely a plus.

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    Right now, I'm most excited over The World Ends With You characters playing a part in the new game. I thought that The World Ends With You was a brilliant game and felt that it slipped under the radar for a lot of people.

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    I just really hope Sora and Riku don't have disappointing character development. The series so far has made it clear how little Sora grows and how much Riku does... at least by comparison. From what I've seen in the JP release Sora has the potential to grow a lot (especially indicated by the ending).

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    I'm with the everything group. I want to know what happens, get to meet the new characters, see Organization XIII again (AXEL!!!!), you now, the works.

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    <sub>I'm excited to see Lea again, the Tron legacy world, of course playing as riku <3, and most of all... playing the next part of the adventure. New Keyblades! EVERYTHING!!!</sub>

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    Excited for a lot of things in DDD.

    However, I'm more curious as to how many of the glitches/bugs are fixed, whether there are changes between not being able to finish off bosses (= refight the boss again) in the Japanese version compared to the localized version, and if there's an expansion in the number of things to do in-game and post-game.

    Also, I will have to get use to seeing "2 save slots" for this game instead of 3, at least. Hopefully, this "2 save slot" thing isn't permanent.

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    I'm super pumped for the interaction with the TWEWY crew for two reasons: A) I loved their game and they look great as full 3D models. Plus, even though there wasn't a lot of actual voice-acting in TWEWY, all the actors came back to reprise their roles, which is just great. B) The inclusion of SquareEnix characters that AREN'T from Final Fantasy games just opens up a whole slew of cameo possibilities for future KH games. Just brilliant.

    I'm also pretty interested in seeing how the drop between Sora and Riku works out. I've heard about some people getting pretty frustrated in Japan when their drop gauge empties during a boss battle and get switched to the other character, only to have to re-start the boss fight when they return to that storyline. It's a neat idea to have to switch between characters suddenly like that, but I can easily see it becoming somewhat of a nuisance.

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    Sora because I want to see how they play the sorry with the other hearts in him because Aqua is still waiting for ven some where in the darkness so will that play any part in the dream world?

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    I really want to see the different worlds in the game because that has always been an essential element to all the Kingdom Hearts franchises

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    What part are you Most looking forward to unraveling in KH3D?

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    Im looking forward to seeing how a lot of the previous character's stories are going to come together and form one big storyline. I'm also looking foward to the return of some of the Organization characters, and discovering more about what happened to Ventus, Aqua, and Terra

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