Thread: HAMACHI?!?!...plz help

HAMACHI?!?!...plz help

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    Exclamation HAMACHI?!?!...plz help

    i/we create a hamachi vpn....we can ping eachother and text eachother from inside the network but NO game found in the lan server lobby wen any of us creates a!? ....i jus wanna place to play wen lamespy go down or act strange

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    As the IT representative for our online group, I will try to provide as much detail as possible to anyone reading and thinking of contributing.

    We are all patch 1.1.1 with the iowa expansion pack.
    We are all able to pass data to eachother through the Hamachi VPN
    We are all able to get echo's back from ping requests sent to eachothers Hamachi IP
    We are all using the IPX/SPX protocool on our network adapters both the LAN adapter in use, and the Hamachi installed virtual adapter.

    We start the game and one of us creates a LAN server. The others try to "see" it, but no servers are listed.

    All members of the VPN have tried hosting while we try connecting. Never once does a game show up in the list despite there being one hosted at that time.

    I have tried putting my PC on the DMZ of my router and hosting, this did nothing.

    Being adept with IT / networking terms, being in the DMZ ruled out any port forwarding issues, but even if I hadn't done that, being in a VPN also rules them out. We are not sure what you guys reporting success with this game on hamachi have done differently, but pleaese chime in if you can.


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    I have read this before when trying to get other games to work over Hamchi.
    Go to
    Control Panel/Network Connections/Advanced/Advanced Settings/Adapters and Bindings. Under Connections move Hamachi to the top of the list and reboot.

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    What about Vista? All of those dialog boxes are different in Vista.

    Never mind, I found it. Microsoft Hides menus it seems in Vista.

    Guys from our skype crew, I will update you this evening and we will test.