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    Need Help

    About 5 Min into a game, wrether Im flying a plane or a moving a ship, the view suddenly drops to underwater and wont switch back. Whats the dilly?

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    Well, just like in many case casual players does not understand the importance of giving details about the problem - without which suggestions can not be given.

    The problem reminds me of the early issues of the 1.0 BS:M (before the patches) when you played in multiplayer and the game went out of sync. That was mostly a network issue that patch 1.1.1. in many cases resolved.

    If the problem exists in single player too it's a different beast.

    Usual checks are to make sure drivers and patches for mobo+videocard+soundcard+etc. are installed and BS:M is run with the 1.1.1 patch installed.

    Once this all checks up and the problem still exists we can think further.

    good luck