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Thread: Problems with PS2 Controller

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    Question Problems with PS2 Controller

    Hello :-)

    I have a problem with my PS2 Controller.
    I am not used to the AnalogSticks. Normally I use the 4 arrow keys.
    In the game Tomb Raider Legend the AnalogSticks are automatically active. Can I change this?

    Thanks for an answer!


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    i think not, coz the arrow keys r for other stuff

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    As caiounder said, it's impossible to change the controls. The arrows keys do for other things like the grapple, PLS etc...
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    What's the name of the music from the Tomb Raider Legend credits? It's for a friend.You know that music you hear in the beginning of the credits of Tomb Raider Legend, what is it called? And where can I download it?

    Ps2 Controller

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