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Thread: Beating the Tyrannosaurus!

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    Beating the Tyrannosaurus!

    Guys im using Tomb Raider Legend on PC and im stuck at the T-Rex battle, what should i press to jump out of the way??? I cant seem to do what ive seen on the you tube videos

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    Wow! You saw a T-Rex in legend?
    I think you are talking about anniversary more than anything else!
    So you don't need to get out of the way, you have to shoot at the T-Rex and when it is the bullet time, go in front of the big spikes, but face the T-Rex(keep your guns in her hands). Do a roll at right or left and it will scratch on the spikes. Do that 3 times. After this is the cinematic.
    Then, when the cinematic is over you see the temple? Near the dead body of the T-Rex, to the right there is a rock you can climb! Then you enter the temple and continue, take the yellow thing and dive.

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    OMG i'd love to see T-Rex in TRL!!!!!!!! Maybe it's a new version!!!!

    kidding,,, when T-Rex starts running at you, and you see those arrows, hold left (or right) and press F (roll button). see this video:::

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    Wow, a TRex in Legend!

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    When the T-Rex shows his ugly face for the first time:

    - Press the right buttons that appear on the screen to succesfully beat the interactive cutscene

    - Then keep shooting him till his rage bar is full, it will start to flash
    - Rex will come running at you, the screen will become blurry..........
    - NOW press left or right + crouch button (Adrenaline Dodge)
    - Two reticules will appear, grey ones
    - Wait till they come together and turn red
    - NOW SHOOT!!

    Like Samara said, he will die faster when you do this in front of one of those three spike-structures, he will lose 1/3 of his health.

    When all this went well, get ready for another interactive cutscene.......

    Really, it's easy. You can beat him in one minute!

    Important: Set Combat Mode to Advanced Toggle, this will make the Adrenaline Dodge a lot more easier!
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