Thread: Need some battle advice!

Need some battle advice!

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    Need some battle advice!

    Okay, so I seem to be having a difficult time with battle in FF13-2 and I think it may be due to the fact that the third party members are monsters I never know how to work out the paradigm. I never really had much trouble with FF13 because well...every thing was set and stone. For first time in Oarba and the boss battle with you know who (don't want to spoil) took me like 4 tries because I just kept getting destroyed. Right now I have COM, RAV, SEN, and MED for Serah and COM, RAV, SEN, and SYN for Noel. I use Rav/Com/Rav as my main.

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    I am guessing there is no advice to be given?

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    An easy way to live through fights is to have a healing paradigm to back you up. In the beginning I used to have a MED/MED/MED somewhere in my paradigm list and later on I changed that to MED/MED/SEN until I caught a Yakshini for a Synergist.
    Just fight the way you used to and when you need healing, use both your characters or even a pet as well to heal up and continue the fight. If it's the big attacks that're giving you trouble, make sure to have a SEN/SEN/SEN paradigm set up that you can quickly shift to. Well that's my advice for boss fights, anyway.

    In random battles you can just root out your opponents if you focus them. For ordinary fights I use a COM/RAV/RAV paradigm with Noel as the party leader in the Commando role. Just pluck your opponents down one by one and if you're in need of healing, shift to the above mentioned MED/MED/SEN or MED/MED/MED or – if you already have anything suitable – MED/MED/SYN. Once you've healed up just switch back to the COM/RAV/RAV paradigm and continue fighting.
    For reference, here's my paradigm list:
    # Noel Serah Pet
    1. SAB SAB SYN
    2. COM RAV RAV
    3. RAV RAV RAV
    4. MED MED SYN
    5. SEN SEN COM
    6. COM COM COM
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    when you see a boss preparing his strong attack just change to sen/sen/sen, sentinel has a bonus for protection so by being a sentinel you won't get hit that much, no need to press any sentinel skills just be sentinel with all 3 characters, and than change back to attack mod after the boss pattern is over