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Final Fantasy Type-0 - News and Updates

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    Man, if Type-0 doesn't get localized.. :/ I think I'd go mad

    lol no seriously, totaly supported~ Anyone else remember when it was still called Agito?

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    i would really like this game in psp w/ japanese voices but everything else english sub

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    Originally Posted by Magius
    Simply post here to show your support for having Final Fantasy Type 0 be localized in the western side of the planet!

    In the Ultimania the Dev team has stated they are working on a Western or International Release but no official announcement has been made.

    For information on the game go here:

    As the GILGAMESH FAN KING I DEMAND that you support my SIMPLE quest of the getting the word out there as this game is too awesome to pass up.
    You got me supporting this!

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    While it's probably simpler to lose hope, I can't help but pine for an English Type-0.

    I fully support this thread. ^.^

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    I'd love to see a localized Type-0.

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    You got my support.

    Let's drill it into their heads that we want this game.

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    Total Supporters: 34

    Added a video to help attract people and get the word out.


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    I approve of this! We need this game overseas!

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    I definitely want to see this get a release over here! I'm crossing my fingers for a Vita version!

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    not a lot of people play vita in the west

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    Posty post. I wanna know why Class Zero had to suffer

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    Originally Posted by kathy

    not a lot of people play vita in the west

    3DS was in a similar spot until Nintendo dropped the price.

    I definitely expect a Vita price drop in the future to move more Vita units in the west.

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    Really would love to see Type-0 localized, particularly for the PSP, because I'm not getting a Vita for years. The game was made to appeal to western audiences especially and looks like it could easily become one of my favorite RPG's ever. I really hope you guys would realease it at some point. :\ Because, atm, I'm extremely dissappointed with much of SE's recent decisions.

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    Posting in support of the localization of this game. Please do it, Square Enix!

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    Heyo Magius, it's me, Jonah. I think if SE's own Ultimania said they're localizing it, I'll take them at their word - after all, I didn't expect them to release Final Fantasy Legends Warriors of Light and Darkness overseas, and I think that's exactly what they're doing, what with the FF Dimensions thing. Still, it doesn't hurt to remind them that we're waiting, some of us more impatiently than others, for what looks like one of the best recent SE games.

    So yeah, posting to say that I'm fully in support of this. Let's get this released already - I've been excited for this since before it came out in Japan, after all!

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    Honestly I'm surprised this hasn't been localized yet. Please bring it over, I would pre-order it as soon as possible!

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    Looking forward to this. Actually, without a type 0 localization there's a good chance I won't pick up a Vita.

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    I support this. I'd be more than happy to purchase it whether it stays in the PSP or gets ported over to the Vita.

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    Thouroughly surprised this game has been under the radar for such a long time. It deserves more. Really hoping for its release outside Japan.

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    i really want to play this game,it looks great

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    I already play that game in japanese, and it's just awesome!

    If it is released in English, I buy and play again.

    Sorry about my English, still learning

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    I must and I should support this i feel incomplete without this game even if its in Japanese .. Im Dying to see this lozalized .. and many others who love Final fantasy.. I Simply Support this

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    I lend my support to this endeavor!

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    Yeah, I support this

    I imported the japanese version, and I'd totally preorder this one, collector's edition even =D

    Square always brings her best games here, so why not Type-0? That game is awesome, made my PSP shine again xD

    Please Square, localize it =D

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    Of course I support FF Type 0 Localization! I've only been waiting for the game since I first heard about it. <_<

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