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Thread: England - Fighting the Serpent - save game needed!

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    Unhappy England - Fighting the Serpent - save game needed!


    I am desperately looking for a save game right after defeating the serpent, as a bug incurred in my version. I tried to download one from Stella's website but it didn't work, perhaps because my one is a PC version bought in Australia. Is there anone who could send me their save please? I'm stuck and really frustrated cause I''d like to carry on with my game...


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    What exactly is the bug?

    How do the saves not work? Do they not load into your profile?

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    I agree with rg_001100.

    1. what is the bug?
    2. are you sure you downloaded the save file to the save folder (like "C:\prgram files\eidos\tomb raider: legend\profiles or saves, whatever it's called)? They don't automatically work.

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