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Thread: disapearing backgrounds on gtx 280

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    disapearing backgrounds on gtx 280

    ok just built my pc and put a nvidia gtx 280 in it.TRL runs at full speed with everything on except the distant backgrounds like moutains and whatever sometimes just disapear leaving just a blue screen then i move the camera about and it reappears. its patched to latest version. Is this just an issue with a brand new graphics card on an oldish game so just need to wait for driver updates or has anyone else had this problem and solved it?
    the problem goes away when i turn off next gen content but obviously with this gfx card i shouldn't have to. Thanks

    rest of system specs

    asus p5n -e sli motherboard
    core 2 quad 9450 2.6 ghz 12mb l2 cache
    2 x 2 gb 800 mhz ocz ram
    nvidia gtx 280
    vista 32 bit

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    The game is really buggy with next gen on. I get ropes that don't line up with what their supposed too, sometimes things will be transparent when their not supposed to be.

    Again with next gen off, it's fine.

    I can only think that when crystal dynamics were supposed to be optimizing the next gen for the pc, they instead had the afternoon off and all went to the pub !!

    Next gen was also disabled in the demo so you wouldn't know until you brought the game.

    Legend is old, their not going to fix it now.

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