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FFIV Console Release

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    FFIV Console Release

    I really just want to play IV and VI on a standard console. I find nothing relaxing in playing a 10-30 hour game on a phone or tablet.

    Is there any possibility or rumors that IV and/or VI will be ported over to one of the many consoles out there? Seems like an Ouya port would be simple enough. Wii or PS4?

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    The SNES versions of FF IV & VI (released as FF II & III) are available for Wii digitally.
    The PS1 version of FF VI is available for PS3 digitally too. You can also buy the PS1 discs and run them on any PS3 from the same region.
    If you mean the new mobile versions of these games, I don't think they'll release them on consoles.

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    Thanks Moooka. I was indeed interested in the new released mobile versions. I don't think a mobile device is the best platform for these guys but that is an obvious personal opinion.

    I have a wii and did not understand until today that I had to enter the "wii menu" to purchase these games and could not do so from the "wii u menu". I look forward to trying that later this evening. Thanks!