Thread: ATI Vga card crash

ATI Vga card crash

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    ATI Vga card crash

    Hi everybody
    I upgrade my system and I can not play battlestations now
    when start the game its crashed 2 or 3 seconds later system was giving "driver stop" message then computer gone to hard reset. How can i fix this

    Vista 32bit
    Ati 3870
    2GB Ram
    Asus Mainboard
    Amd X2-6000

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    Originally Posted by Memonic
    Hi everybody
    I upgrade my system and I can not play battlestations now
    when start the game its crashed 2 or 3 seconds later system was giving "driver stop" message then computer gone to hard reset. How can i fix this

    Vista 32bit
    Ati 3870
    2GB Ram
    Asus Mainboard
    Amd X2-6000
    Do you have the latest ATI driver downloaded from the web?
    It can make great improvements especially on Vista.

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    I have latest verion of driver
    Catalyst Software Suite 8.9
    and i update my all drivers
    main board, cpu all of them

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    Why cant anyone HELP
    is this really hard for write any patch for fix this
    I Know I am not alone at this problem
    can any programmer from eidos or Amd Ati write any patch pls

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    The solution to this problem is to install a earlyer driver the ATI Cataclyst Driver v8.6 works like a charme

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    Thanks Avze
    its working now
    I just try new driver of ati 8.10 its can not be work too
    but when i install 8.6 back it was work again
    thanks for everything

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    Well it's official, BS:M does not really like the new ATI series card.
    I just installed a HD4850 and it also fails running BS:M with the driver version 8.10. Trouble is that I won't go back to 8.6 since for relatively new cards I would loose a lot by doing that with other games.

    So for the time being no BS:M for me
    I hope ATI is going to fix it sooner or later.
    Or if not ATI at least EIDOS... but I have doubts about this...

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    As long as I can remember ATI has always had issues with driver compat with games to one extent or another.

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    I'm not sure if it is ATI's fault or the DEVs.
    In many cases compatibility problem comes from the fact that the programmers used "loopholes" or "backdoors" in order to get some solution out of the system. Newer cards can close these options and here comes a problem....

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    If anybody is interested I argued over the topic with ATI Support.
    They insist on that there is no problem just the question of using the most up to date drivers for MOBO as well.
    Since in my case that might be a valid point I hold off any further opinion until I execute what they recommend:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting AMD.

    Please un-install all ATI-related drivers and also remove all ATI-related drivers from C:/ Disk.

    Reboot the machine, check with your motherboard or PC manufacturer to ensure that you have the latest Chipset driver.

    Afterwards, reinstall all the drivers again by clicking on the link below.


    AMD Global Customer Care.

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    Well, I continue to report my "Saga" with ATI about this VGA problem.
    Since I own a HD 4850 reverting back to driver version 8.6 is not a real option I keep pressing ATI to admit the problem.
    Instead they just gave me a general detailed uninstall guide that as I expected delivered no results whatsoever:


    Regarding reinstalling the software for the ATI card:

    Please try this thorough uninstall process below.
    * Remove all ATI software from add/remove programs individually. Restart.
    * Now run the ATI Uninstall Utility. Restart
    * Go to registry and remove any ATI entries left under
    * Check for any ATI entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and look at each GUIDs display name for ATI entries remove the GUID if found.
    * Check for any ATI entries under
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products look at each GUID and the InstallProperties key, look at the Display Name for any ATI entry, if found remove the whole GUID.
    * Exit Registry editor.
    * Now browse to C:\Windows\INF and remove any OEM#.inf and the corresponding OEM#.pnf files that reference ATI. You look only in the OEM#.inf file.
    * Next remove the C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia Center folder and C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies folders if present...Restart
    * do a search and delete anything realted to ATI. Try this - ati*.* in the search field.
    * Install new software in the order that is listed on the ATI website


    Finally a note to EIDOS - after all this is the game's official forum and it would be nice to "blurp" something out officially about this.
    Moreover the EIDOS Support site is ridiculously low quality. I have never checked it before but now... is really sub standard. There is not even world wide centralization, but each region manages it's own site for the SAME PRODUCT. Geez. I'm really sad about it.
    There is a lot to improve...

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    Nobody seems to be interested in this topic, however the saga still goes on.
    The newly released Catalyst Driver 8.11 still does not resolve the issue.
    ATI/AMD is still completely ignorant.

    EIDOS - what are your efforts on resolving this problem??????????????????

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    same issue

    Just downloaded from direct to drive and am experiencing the exact same problem with a 3870 card. Video driver quits responding. Have never had this issue with any other game. Would love to see a fix soon!!!

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    Guys, you gonna love this.

    I registered myself on the ATI/AMD Gamer forum where there is a topic on this subject. Some users are reporting this issue so the moderator came on board and said:

    11/07/2008 07:56 AM spyre Moderator
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    Its fixed in a future driver as I just tested it.
    Game.AMD Administrator

    So everyone got excited and wanted to know when the fix is going to be available. He said:

    11/07/2008 05:00 PM spyre Moderator
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    Not really since I am under NDA.
    Game.AMD Administrator

    If you watch the dates above you'll see that it was BEFORE the release of Catalyst 8.11.

    Once 8.11 become available people reported back that BS:M still does not work and wondered what about the fix. He was insisting on the NDA thing and finally he said the only thing he could:

    11/14/2008 12:08 PM spyre Moderator
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    I didnt say the next driver I said a future driver.
    Game.AMD Administrator

    After all this I put up a rather tough post. It meant to hurt.
    Basically I said that from my point of view a driver fix isn't really subject to any NDA since it's a service for customers who already paid for the product that is malfunctioning. I went forward and said that since I have a brand new card this fix can be viewed as a warranty issue. Furthermore I accused AMD that since they KNOW about the problem and also it has been admitted by the moderator that there is a FIX available it is no longer an "innocent mistake". From this on it is AMD's conscious will to hold the fix back therefore rendering the products they sold unusable. I was speculating that on the lawyer's land (USA) where there is a lawsuit for anything and everything there could be one for this too.

    I guess the fuses at AMD went off because:
    1. They deleted my post without any notification to me
    2. They locked the thread
    3. They locked me completely out of the forum. I can't go in (I guess it's an IP ban)

    Obviously I was viewed as somebody who went too far
    From my point of view I just hit their nerves

    To be honest I really wanted my post to hurt AMD, since it's almost the category of nonsense, that I have the 3rd best videocard on the market and yet can't play a 2 years old title unless I go back to a driver version that is 6 months old that makes all the other games I play unusable...

    Guys who read this before buying videocard: think twice if you have your eyes on ATI/AMD cards. They may be better and faster than nVIDIA, but only if they work...

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    It3llig3nc3, I appreciate all your research, work and tribulations in this matter. I just purchased BS:M via Steam just to find it wouldn't work because I own a newer ATI card. I've registered to forums in a few different places to try to find the answer and this is by far the best *non-satisfactory* answer that I have found.

    I hope this issue gets resolved at some point, though this issue has been going on for a while now so I highly doubt it.

    Thanks for your posts .

    - mafut

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    It seems that the problem got fixed with the new Catalyst 8.12. For me now the game works again. I don't know if EIDOS has any hands in it but it is good news. TRY it and report back what you experience.

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    Thanks a lot, It3llig3nc3. I downloaded the drivers and it works perfectly! Much appreciated

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    I'm glad that this problem has been fixed. As i had the exact same problem and was waiting for a long time for this fix to be made. I sat just looking at a game i paid 30 bucks for because sadly, Eidos decided not to do anything about this matter. I don't know if they were too busy creating Pacific, but it is no excuse for not fixing this problem earlier.