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Commandos 2 resolution issue

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    Commandos 2 resolution and patch issue

    I have a problem now in C2 as I want to play at a high resolution, 800x600 or 1024x768, but the game does have problems using them, as it always takes some 2-5 seconds for the game to change to correct resolution every time I enter or exit the in-game menu (with quicksave, quickload, exit game, save game, load game etc.). That is really disturbing as this game requires perfect timing, and 2-5 seconds can be very fatal for my commandos. Does someone have a solution for this, or will I have to play this game in zoomed out 640.480, when the game looks really crappy.

    And I've tried to install the international patch, 1.2 patch or 1.01 patch but in every one it complains something "cannot find files(or its components)

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    Ok, no help needed. I noticed that quicksave can be done by pressing ctrl+s and quickloading by ctrl+l. This removes all the problems occurring.

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    ^^ since Behind Enemy Lines...

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    Originally Posted by Dampkring
    ^^ since Behind Enemy Lines...
    Exactly, but I haven't played BEL very much, and it was quite a long time ago.

    I can't remember everything.