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Commandos 1 problem

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    Commandos 1 problem

    I have a problem trying to run commandos behind enemy lines.

    It installs ok. but as i go to run it i just see a black screen but i can hear the sound/music of the intros running in the background. Windows also says that commandos is not responding. Can anyone help me i would like to play this game again.

    I am also on XP as im sure that make a difference.

    Thanks for the help.

    Edit: almost forgot it also adds cannot find directx5 when i try to start the game up sometimes.

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    Try a fresh install, followed by going into the commandos folder, right clicking on the Commandos.exe file and going to properties. Then click the Compatibility tab and change it to Windows 95 or 98.

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    Thanks for the help but i still seem to have a problem. I uninstalled commandos then reinstalled it and tried both 95 and 98 and i still get the problem.

    Also I tried it once without disk and it seemed to work apart from having enter cd after the main menu.

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    Check you're private messages.

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    Thanks Longshot that seemed to of helped. I think it did as i can at least get into the game.

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    No worries, this game can cause a lot of frustration with newer operating systems...

    But it's worth it

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    Yeah i have noticed some old games cause problems with newer systems. Like my mechwarrior 2 .

    Now i can practice and try to win on commandos. Very good game but i just suck at it but as many people have said play play and play you will get better and better. So off to play the game i go!

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    The best thing to do with these types of games is to take your time and make the right decision about what you're going to do prior to doing it.

    Every mission can be down by either shooting your way through it or by stealth, but you'll probably end up loading the game less if you use stealth.

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    Thanks for the advice longshot i try and keep that in mind

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    I have the exact same problem.I hear sound but no video.Can anyone help?

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    I also have the similar problem as the poster.

    i can also install commandos behind enemy lines without any problems. but cant run it. it told me that some address of the memories cant be 'read'.

    i have tried to install again and again but nothing changed. and i also tried to run it under compatible mode, 95 or 98. it just show me a black screen quietly.

    does anyone know something about it?

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    i have the same problem pls someone help me i really wan't to play the game

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    make sure u get the correct video codec... google it...

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    I got a problem with this game as well. I used to play it on my mothers computer and it worked great, even though it was XP. Now I got my own computer but in my haste to buy it I bought the wrong graphiccard, an ATI marked one. The problem with Nvidia cards and ATI card is that they may do some games malfunctionous, like they did with all my games.

    To games such as Cossacks and American Conquest I was given a patch that would cause these games working with that graphiccard once I installed them to the mainfolder and changed the videofolders name to video1.

    Now I want a similiar one to Commandos 1: BEL or whatever way it is used, just so that the game works. I got XP on this one as well as the other one the game worked on

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    I just solved my problem with the game. I took out the ATI graphicscard that was put in the PCI-ex2 port and used my integrated graphiccard insted and now it works.

    It is lousy that they may sell those card on the market when practically no games work properly with them

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    i have the same problem,I hear sound but no video and after the game is blocked pls someone help me