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Thread: Tomb Raider Legend Problem...

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    Tomb Raider Legend Problem...

    Ok i'm not sure if anyone else experienced this but when i play legend and press down A S D W Lara goes crazy i click about maybe 5 seconds and she keeps running forever like 30 seconds. Like the game is intercepting my keyboards commands late or something else now Ive tested my keyboard it isn't it i have another keyboard and it did the same thing it would be nice to get some help on this topic and i don't really have the specs to play the game but they come pretty darn close


    64MB video or whatever instead of 128

    426Mb ram instead of 526 or something

    ATI Express series

    but it seems like everything is pretty close and i can play hitman 2 silent assassin pretty fine and it has the same graphics basically..

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    This site tests your computer's system requirements on the games... scroll down the list to "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Legend" (I think it is), and let the activeX control install. It will tell you how good your computer is. If it's below the minimum requirements, I doubt it will run...

    But when you play, what graphics settings do you run it on?

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