Thread: Logitech Attack™ 3 Joystick - not working

Logitech Attack™ 3 Joystick - not working

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    Logitech Attack™ 3 Joystick - not working



    sorry for my english... i`m not so good to writing

    i have this Joystic,en

    but i cannot configure, so... to flying i must use the mouse
    can someone tell me how to configure Joystic?

    i have this program: Logitech Gaming Software
    from this site

    left mouse, right mouse and middle mouse working but stering and throttle NOT WORKING

    tell me pls how to configure this Joy...


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    I have that exact same joystick, and I can say with 100% certainty that it works. A little more info would help, but I have a hunch that your problem is that it keeps trying to bind a control to the slider. My advice there is to fly the flight stick with one hand and control your throttle with the keyboard. If you're having problems binding the controls in the first place, simply hold the key down when you tell it to bind.

    So for example if you're trying to get the plane to pitch up when you pull towards you on the stick....
    -Click on the Pitch Up control (likely it says Mouse Axis -Y)
    -Pull the stick towards you and hold it there

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    Hi I too have this joystick and can't get it to work at all. I have plugged it in, the computer has recognised it seemingly fine (for example it clearly works properly when you test it in the Windows Vista environment) but when I go into Battlestations Midway: nothing.

    Could you please let me know in words of 1 syllable what I am supposed to do - I am a total beginner? For example I am only guessing I know what "binding the controls" means. Should I download a profile from somewhere into the Logitech gaming software program and if so, from where? Or do I have to make one myself? If so how do I do that?

    I am loading the game through steam - I dunno whether that makes any difference?

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    "Binding the controls" means assigning a joystick movement to an action under the options menu. BSM doesn't automatically detect joysticks, you have to put everything in manually

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    I'm sorry I still don't understand this. For example, the "W" and "S" keys represent the forward and backward throttle for a boat in the game. How do I get my throttle control on the joystick to perform this action? I (think I've) assigned this correctly within the logica software to the profile for the game - there seems to be no way of telling - but when I go into the game - nothing.

    Could you possibly explain this all in words of 1 syllable please! You are v kind.

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    Hi, my name’s Cody, and I’m working with the Windows Gaming Outreach Team to help answer questions users might have.
    Some older pieces of hardware do have some known issues with Vista operating systems. Oftentimes, you just need to update the device drivers/software, so I’d recommend either checking with the device’s manufacturer for updates or checking out the Vista Compatibility Center at .
    This site is a great resource to use, as it will let you search for hardware or software, then it will tell you if that hardware is compatible with your edition of Windows Vista. Just search for your joystick at the Vista Compatibility Center, and it should point you towards the resources that’ll fix your issue.
    Good luck, let me know if it works!
    Windows Gaming Outreach Team