Thread: Servers down?

Servers down?

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    Servers down?

    Since the Xbox Live Downtime Ive not been able to get into any games, Well to be honest there hasnt been any, When i attempt to make a game nothing happens, It just attempts to load the screen, and that takes ages but it never gets anywhere, when i try to exit i cant and have to restart my xbox.

    Any idea of the problem?



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    Same thing has happened to me all day. The only way I could join a match was if someone sent me an invite.

    But it's Xbox Live, and not the servers. Same thing happens to me in any game.

    It's a result of the Xbox Live maintenance, so hopefully Microsoft will have this service we pay for, up and running within the next day or so.

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    Thanks for the Reply.

    Although Theres no-one online everything is working fine now.