Thread: Commandos 3, Vista issue

Commandos 3, Vista issue

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    Commandos 3, Vista issue

    I've tried playing the game, but when ever soldiers mine, or enemies, walk into the shadows they disappear from different angles. I've tried running it in compatibility for others but I'm quite a computer tard so I'm not sure if I did it right or what not but that didn't work.

    So if anyone has this problem or knows how to resolve this problem i'd appreciate any assistance available.

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    Does this happen in both the intererior and exterior environments?

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    So far I've only noticed it in exterior envoirments, although I have been in one or two interior situations in which it didn't occur.

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    I have the same problem. however i have found a slight fix.

    hit the minus key once so the camera zooms out once. not the best fix but it works... well i tested it on the first level (one with sapper and thief) hope that helps.

    may i ask what performance your computer is.


    Processor 5.9
    RAM 5.4
    graphics 3.6
    gaming graphics 3.4
    primary hard disk 5.4

    hence it may be my graphics card thats causing the problems and a new one is my next victim.. i mean target... i mean buy >_>

    hope this helps.

    ohh first post so hello folks

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    Apologies for my hefty delay

    Processor 5.2
    Memory 4.7
    Graphics 5.9
    Gaming Graphics 5.8
    Primary HD 5.4