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Thread: 3 months - no patch - disgraceful

3 months - no patch - disgraceful

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    This is BS. Eidos. The only game they can get me to buy from them again is Tomb Raider Underworld.

    Most of the Tomb Raider games have been flawless...

    Where's the damn patch we all desperately seek for this game though?

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    Hi, i was in the PVP Beta & all i can tell you is that Funcom had soem issues with Memory Leaks & said they will be fixed. im Also in the open beta coming up, so i can tell u if its buggy or not.

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    just played the AOC beta and its one of the buggiest games ive played in a long time.

    Constant animations breaking, geting stuck in scenery, computer resets/hangs, enemies standing in a 'T' pose and sliding at you..

    glad i cancelled now. Oh or should i have waited for the promise of fixes in patches... hmmmm...

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    ya thats cos its beta... lol

    and it isnt Eidos doing the game there just the publishers not the developers

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    Publishers do have some control over what is going into the game, whether it be front-end or back-end. If you don't abide by what the publisher asks, they drop you and then you have to go out and find a new publisher or risk doing it on your own, all of which is a very time consuming process.

    For example, a publisher might say, "I want you to use this copy protection wrapper with the game". If you don't agree to use the middle-ware, go find someone else to publish your game.

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    eidos can dictate what funcom do

    they fund the development, and essentially set the deadlines that funcom have to meet. Yes it is beta, i know. But it gets released in like 3 weeks. You really cant fix all the bugs present ive seen in that time. They blatently need ALOT more time, but Its just been rushed to release, they already admitted about 3 months ago they cut LOADS of features, and the other stuff they have isnt looking anywhere near done. I mean the deadline has been extended slightly but not for what needs to be done.

    At the end of the day i aint gonna buy it because my faith in eidos products is non existant as i know customer satisfaction means jack ***** to them.

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    so still no comment on the amazing 'almost done' vanishing patch then?

    eidos you are a bunch of thieves.

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    This thread is more and more becoming a thread against Eidos in general. Seeing that that is not the point of this thread nor the point of the forums I see no reason to keep this thread open.

    As I've stated before, I understand the frustration that you have with the lack of a patch or a date for when a patch may come. With the number of posts in this thread I think a clear point has been made. Therefore I'm going to lock and sticky this thread. If someone from Eidos or IOI has more info, or we get info we'll be sure to post it here.

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