After discussing this a bit with majinkura, I've elected to give this thread another go (and restick it to the top of the forum). The criteria has been updated so be sure to review it prior to submitting your birthdate.

Criteria for submitting your name on this list:


  • Frequent the LOK forums (BO/SR/LOKD/LOKCC)
  • Have a minimum forum status of Gamer. To find out how you obtain this status, click here.
  • Once added to the list, you must make at least one (1) contribution per thirty (30) days in order to remain active.
  • When submitting your birthday, please type out the month rather than post a number. This is to eliminate any confusion between American members (who post the month before the day) and Euro members (who post the the day before the month).
  • Individuals who do not or cannot meet this criteria are discouraged from submitting their names for inclusion.

This is indeed the best way to go about issuing birthday threads to fellow members, and to ensure they are made in time and are answered by who they're made for.

I'm not going to remove anyone added from the list this time around, although I will designate those who are MIA (Missing In Action) with a smaller, gray font so that we can keep track. If/when those MIA members return to regular posting, we can go ahead and alter their listing accordingly.
(Exceptions to the MIA rule are individuals who work for Square Enix, Eidos & Crystal Dynamics, game characters and individuals who are active elsewhere in the LOK Fan Community through popular LOK-related websites).

You're free to create new threads each year for individual birthday's which will be linked to the appropriate member's name on the list. I'll periodically go through the forums and consolidate those threads after a reasonable amount of time.

This thread will be purged periodically, and a list will be kept in this initial post.




--18, Raina Audron


--13, The Butterfly Lord


----29, fneh


--05, Vampmaster


----06, TheWatcher



--16, Raziel



--03, Umah Bloodomen
--06, Raziel'sRevenge
--20, Ardeth Silvereni


--01, Kain
--09, dragonfly2, Linikratyo


--14, majinkura
--24, The Hylden