View Poll Results: What is your favorite Eidos game series?

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  • Tomb Raider

    290 22.34%
  • Hitman

    65 5.01%
  • Deus Ex

    342 26.35%
  • Thief

    259 19.95%
  • Legacy of Kain

    324 24.96%
  • Commandos

    18 1.39%
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Thread: What is your favorite Eidos game series?

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    1 more vote for deus ex it is.
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    Still Legacy of Kain! Let's have a sequel, Eidos! You know we won't mind if you resurrect Moebius AGAIN!!!
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    I usually only lurk here (mostly in the DX3 forums), but when it comes to favourite series

    LoK's been awesome since BO1.

    DX was amazing, but IW brings it down.

    and we need another LoK game to wrap up the most amazing game story ever.

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    What a shame

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    Whenever I hear Eidos I think about Legacy of Kain!

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    Well, lok's gained ground, but seems Deus Ex still has some active voters. Only 100 to take the lead
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    Deus Ex, Arkham Asylum and Legacy of Kain are my picks.

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    Tomb Raider and The Hitman

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    My all time fav shall always be FEAR EFFECT, but since its not in the Poll I went with TR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dumah's wraith View Post
    Well, lok's gained ground, but seems Deus Ex still has some active voters. Only 100 to take the lead
    I have faith in Legacy of Kain. Honestly I've never known such ravenous fans (this is based on those who I know in real life mind you, I don't count the flame wars that occur online).
    Help out with the effort for a new Legacy of Kain game! (list updated on December 6th)

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    It's just pretty telling to me the fact that LoK has surpassed the Tomb Raider votes. I think that Eidos should pay attention to that alone (not to mention where Hitman is on the list, etc.)

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    Wheres the all of the above button

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    Deus Ex. We need more likes as fun as it is.
    It's even fun just to say the name.

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    wow, comparing these series is like comparing bread and butter. NO ANSWER.

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    Voted for DX but damn i love the Legacy of Kain series.

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    Ow my God, I completely forgot that Eidos made LoK... I can't believe this.. Well IDK about you guys but the camera view on Defiance really annoys me and I am kindda stuck at one point atm.. Is there no way to switch that annoying view around somehow?

    My vote goes to Deus Ex... But gee that's a tough one, it would have to be:

    1. Deus Ex
    2. Legacy Of Kain
    3. Thief
    4. Tomb Raider...

    Such awesome games :O

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    gee I wonder what game I voted for

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    Tomb Raider

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    tomb raider is the best game eidos ever done !! tomb raider all the way !!

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    I say Thief and Deus Ex are their best games.
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    My Vote for Legacy Of Kain!

    we need a new LOK please...


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    Legacy of Kain of course!

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    Vae Victus woe to the conquered>>> LOK<<<

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    Where is Just Cause 2 !
    loved just cause 1 and still do , jc2 made me go weeee .
    but after a while the world starts to get empty and nothing is left to destroy *sadface*

    poll is a bit old so i can understand

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    I haven't been here for sometime but it's good to see LoK in second place again, the same position from the old thread.

    It's a shame Eidos doesn't give the series a new chance.

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