Thread: New Live update from MS available

New Live update from MS available

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    New Live update from MS available

    Hey all

    Have those experiencing crashes tried updating to the new version of Live from MS.

    It will auto update you if you log in to Live, but its also available here if you dont. Its the December update.

    This could help a lot of offline players too, since Live is integrated into the main game whether you are online or not. <-thas me hehe
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    what about ps3 players with online problems and don't say anything to do with my ports cause it's all done!

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    Rolleyes Updating to the new Live version solved my crash problems

    I had the same problem with random and unexplained crashes to the desktop after playing Kane & Lynch for a few minutes (sometimes only a few seconds). I have a Windows Vista desktop PC. I tried updating to the most recent audio (RealTek) and graphics (Nvidia) drivers, but it didn't do the trick. However, manually updating to the December 2007 version of MS/Live, as jaycw2309 suggested really removed the problem. The game is now rock solid on my PC.

    I know that this might not solve everybody's problems with Kane & Lynch, but if you're having problems and haven't tried this yet, I suggest you give it a try. In any case it is one of the more easy things to update on your PC, and can't possibly hurt.

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    Don't work even with xlive update


    i have the same problems with crashes at the launch (gives me error "kaneandlynch.exe id=1000), and i updated xlive from the url suggested, but the crashes are not gone, i can't launch the game, i' ve also updated graphic card and audio card and windows xp. someone got some suggestions?


    windows xp sp2 pro
    intel q6600 quad core, 2gb ram 1333mhz
    radeon hd3850 512mb

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