Thread: I am back!

I am back!

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    I am back!

    Sorry for my long hiatus. Things like Tomb Raider, Kane & Lynch, Pony Friends (yes really) Conflict all got in the way.

    The good news is, I've just come from the first of many subsequent meetings which you guys would find really interesting. A couple of the guys from the dev team were there too

    Please don't mention this on the forum.

    There's not much I can say now as Eidos haven't even officially announced anything about the next Battlestations to the press, but things are taking shape and a lot of your suggestions have been implemented

    I can't talk to you about dates or which features have been implemented yet - but there should be some news coming mid next month - and the good news is it'll be a community exclusive so you guys will hear it here first. The date isn't yet set in stone, so please don't mention it to others just yet.


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    Keir, you are the man!

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    Great Stuff Keir,
    My Daughter (age4) and I both like the Tomb Raiders as well.

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    Wow, I don't think anybody checks these boards anymore...

    So, how great are our chances on Beta Testing as of right now? I can't wait for this game!

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    this is exciting, I'm looking forward to the next game
    the lack of developer support (in regards to additional content) has caused my interest in BSM to wane lately, but the thought of firing up the sequel is keeping me interested

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    thanks for the update and to Dremora for the heads up.

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    good news, maybe the devs will send us a beta copy to test????/ HINT HINT haha

    Was nice to contribute even in such a small way.

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    *ps* any 1 can help me whit this damn gamespy account?

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    Great news keir thanks for keeping us updated.
    ps good luck on pony friends

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    Hey Keir, what can you say about BS:P? You know what I'm talking about too, that story that is going around. Probably nothing, just seeing if you can say anything (If you even check these boards anymore...)

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    this is good news. The second go-round on this game should make for some great clan matches. I miss those.