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"Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria"

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    Hello SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS! how are you today everyone? I hope everything is just fine with you and all, you can always send friend requests or messeges to me at anytime and ask anything you want help with or to know about, you're always warmly welcome! ^_^

    In this thread, we're going to talk about a classic role-playing game, which is "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" from Square Enix and tri-Ace, The game was released in 2006 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2), it is the second installment in the "Valkyrie Profile" series. ^.^

    This is my review of "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" in the 5 main game elements: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay and Overall Rank Title. ^_^

    >.< !May Contain Spoilers! >.<

    1- Story: "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" is about two characters, Silmeria and Alicia, who are contained in the same body. Silmeria is one of the valkyries tasked with collecting the souls of brave warriors and delivering them to Valhalla. After she disobeyed Odin, he reincarnated her in the body of Alicia, the princess of Dipan. Silmeria was supposed to remain trapped, but she awakens in the body of the princess, which makes many people think that Alicia is insane or possessed. The king imprisons her and announces her death, though unbeknownst to the public sends her to live in a small palace outside the city of Crell Monferaigne. In the pre-game prologue, Odin sends the current valkyrie, Hrist, to take Silmeria's soul back to Valhalla. Escaping from Hrist, Alicia/Silmeria flees into the wilderness, where they try to evade capture and attempt to avert a catastrophe that could spark a war between the gods and Midgard. ^_^

    2- Graphics: The envioroments are in a sweet and beautiful 3D, with a very detailed textures and visual effects, everything look alive from the designes of characters, backgrounds, objects, colors, lightings and shadows. ^.^

    3- Sound: The sound effects are cool and nice, the noices are very clear to hear, the voice acting is great, the music is super awesome, especially the battle themes which they're encouraging, it scored by Motoi Sakuraba. ^_^

    4- Gameplay: There is only one mode available to play. However, the game gets harder with each subsequent playthrough. Chapters still exist, but periods are not used, and the player is under no time constraints. Dungeon exploration is done in a 2D side scrolling platform manner. Alicia is the only visible character and is capable of jumping, swinging her sword, and shooting photons. Photons can bounce off the ground and walls and temporarily freeze enemies and objects in crystals and are used to solve many puzzles. Enemies are visible and attacking them gives Alicia the first move in combat with a full AP gauge. Alicia can also engage an enemy in battle by coming into contact with them; in this case, there is a chance that the player will be at a disadvantage and start with an empty AP gauge. Sealstones are items with special effects hidden atop daises and shells within dungeons. Any sealstone that is on a dais will affect enemies within that dais' radius of influence, as well as expanding the range of sealstones in other daises. If Alicia carries a sealstone on her person it affects the whole party, and similarly if an enemy possesses one it will affect that enemy party without affecting any others. If placed in a shell, the sealstone's effect is negated completely. They may also be "restored" at a cost of Magic Crystals at a spring, allowing the player to equip them from any spring in any dungeon, rather than being returned to its original location once the player leaves the dungeon. Combat takes place in a real-time 3D battlefield, utilizing the Advanced Tactical Combination (ATC) battle system. Combat incorporates the use of Attack Points (AP), which are needed to act in battle. Points are consumed by attacking and dashing and are replenished by defeating enemies, being attacked, or moving around as time passes. Time only flows when the player is moving, giving them time to stop and plan out where he or she will move next and where enemy units may attack. Once an attack occurs, the screen zooms in on the party, allowing the player to coordinate their attack or defense. The party can also conduct a Leader Assault, in which destroying the enemy leader will cause the others to retreat, ending the battle quickly and earning bonus experience. Characters have multiple attacks and can be assigned up to three for use in battle. Stringing together attacks adds to the Heat Gauge. When the Heat Gauge reaches 100% in one turn, characters can perform their Soul Crush special attack, which causes great damage and refills the Heat Gauge, possibly allowing another character to use their Soul Crush. Charge Time is absent, allowing characters to use their Soul Crush every turn so long as they charge the Heat Gauge up to 100% each time. This lack of charge time means that Mages can attack every turn with magic as well. In fact, they fight as normal, albeit only with magic. New to the game is the concept of breaking off enemy parts. Different attacks can hit different parts of enemies and thus affect the amount of damage afflicted on the enemy. Once part of an enemy has taken sufficient damage, it can break off. When an enemy part breaks off, the player may enter break mode, in which the characters have unlimited AP for attacking for a short amount of time. Monster parts can be equipped as accessories or raw materials that can be sold or used to craft weapons, armor, or other items. With a second controller, a second player can also control one or more party members in combat.

    5- Overall Rank Title: For me personally, that will be {HOLINESS} ^.^ Here's a video:

    ^.^ This is the end of my review thread, thank you so much for reading and feel free to add your posts ^.^

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    I love this game... I'm too impatient to ever finish it but it has one of the best combat systems and stories ever... along with the usual awesome music of the series

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    Plz I would love to see this 2 games in HD for PSVita or PS3.

    or even crossplatform.

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    i would love to see valkyrie profile 2:silmeria as a ps3 download in the ps2 classics of the psn store.this was an amazing game and by far my most favorite ps2 game.i still have the ps2 game,but alas,no working ps2 to play it on and no ps3 that can play it. adding this game to the psn store would make worldwide fans some VERY happy campers