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Tech problems FAQ

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    Tech problems FAQ

    If you're experiencing problems with Kane & Lynch, please have a gander at our support pages:

    UK support
    US support

    Please check both the links as they are updated separately.

    We'll keep monitoring all posts for other problems and community fixes.

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    Please "WE" need some help on it.

    KANE&LINCH crash over and over after 3/4 minS ALWAYS.


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    Agreed, all the problems that people are having with the games crashing and rarely being able to finish an online session should have been fixed before the game was ever released, the people like me that have baught the game shouldn't be beta tester. we should be able to actually enjoy the game with out random crashed and disconection from a online multiplayer game.

    there is a MAJOR problem with the online game play. when a perosn starts close to 50 games it shouldn't crash for 48 of them.

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    These guides = FAIL. None of these work or will ever work. just get us a patch to fix these issues please. I kept up my end of the bargain and forked over $50 so let me play this game already.

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    when I play the game ,there is no sound

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    I agree, for a game that's been released for so long, there's still unsolved problems that are so bad, a lot of people can't play the game they've bought. I won't get a refund either, and frankly, I'll never buy a game from Eidos again. It's like conning people into buying a car then taking the engine out after they pay you.

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    I had problems with Lynch and Kane (Windows 7 64 bit), it crashed randomly. The solution is to use PS2 mouse. The game crashed with USB mouse. I have read on other sites that this did the trick.

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    Dear Eidos Team,

    I bought Kane & Lynch Dead Men yesterday.
    I installed the game and it seems all okay. I also installed the windows live thing (bevore it said that it couldnt found xlive.dll

    I try to start the game. Than the screen is black and in a box it shows that there is a problem.
    My specs:

    Asus u36jc

    i5 dual core -2,93Ghz
    4GB RAm
    1GB Graphic card
    Windows 7

    Please send me a solution, if not I will send you the game back and want my money back.

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    Dear Eidos Team,

    I bought Kane & Lynch Dead Men a few days ago, installed all OK, BUT where is the Xbox 360 game-pad support that the game says it has,
    this is the only reason why a brought it.
    there is on option to even select a game-pad.
    please help, how do i get my Microsoft 360 pad to work?

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    i installed everything but then it says "performing first time setup" and then it shuts down

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    Simple fix for my system:
    AMD x6 1055t @ 3.5Ghz
    8 GB RAM
    GA990FXA UD5
    AMD HD 6790 @ 900Mhz 2 GB VRAM @ 1400Mhz
    Windows 7 home

    Right clicked "Computer"
    Select "Properties"
    Clicked "Device Manager"
    Expanded "Human Interface Devices"
    Right clicked and Disabled everything with "HID-compliant" in its name.
    Game runs rock solid.
    Hope this helps some people.

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    i got a problem

    hello forums i have a problem with kane and lynch: dead men i got the cd i bougt it cheap for a loong time ago and i am trying to install it on my windows 7 pc it installs the game but the game dosent start it is really anoying what can i do to fix the problem ????? plase help