Thread: 25 To Life 2 ??!!

25 To Life 2 ??!!

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    25 To Life 2 ??!!

    Anyone here think that eidos should make a 25 to life 2? I DO!! id buy that over any other game. Id like it to be on next Gen consoles, but if it isnt then its ok with me, id just like to see a new 25 to life, wouldnt you?? i think we all do, and have Baggy hoodies, and a insane create a character stuff, and try to make it free roam, or new downloadable maps, OMG i dont know why eidos isnt, or they might.. i hope so, jeez i just think that that would be an awesome and surprising thing, because i got a 360, and now my ps2 dont play online and i miss 25 to life, and really really wanna get back to old times!!

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    Probably won't happen because sales weren't great and the ratings were terrible on it. I really didn't like the game after a few days of playing it. It was so much hype over nothing.

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    25 to life 2 ? lol man u r crazy

    25 to life 2 aint come man. Better go play COD 4 or maybe The club.

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    lol never gonna happen... but i think they are gonna make a kane and lynch 2... hope they make deathmatch for it... cuz the online they have now is only fun for a while then it gets booooooooring