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By: madhatter256
Sound Fix in DarkEngine games


Here is the deal : If you have an on-board audio drive using Sensaura as a 3D sound API (Audio3d.dll) you will not hear some things normally. Examples: Your footsteps will sound very very low, enemy's talking in the same room just a few feet from you will sound low and etc. The Audio3d.dll file is disguised as a3d.dll file. Analog Audio has alot of chipset which are used in mother boards, most of them use Sensaura's API to render 3D Audio.

Sensaura has been bought by Creative a few years back so if you have and Audigy Sound card and you experience the same sound problems with Dark Engine games then most probably it's the API.

Ok so in order to play System Shock II or Thief I/II with sounds working properly you'll have to do the following:

1)Search for the file a3d.dll (File Version: ; Description: a3dx5 File Size: 65,536 bytes or 64 KB) this file is
translating a3d calls into directx 5 calls (Direct Sound 3D, Searching on google for : "a3d.dll a3dx5" gave me a few
links where I could download the file or the zipped version of it).
2)Run your game and set Hardware acceleration to "OFF" and exit the game.
3)Press start > run and enter the following : "x:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache\" (x stands for the drive that windows
is installed on).
4)In "dllcache" directory rename the existing "a3d.dll" file to "a3d.dll_", now copy the "a3d.dll" that you downloaded.
5)Go into sytem32 directory and copy that file here too (If it exists then replace it).
6)Close that directory, run the game, set "Hardware Acceleration" to "On" and "EAX settings" to "On".
7) If the EAX dosen't work, then search for this file "eax3.exe" download and install. It allows EAX 2.0/3.0 software emulation on any sound card with EAX 1.0 support.

If it works (and it should work) then your good to go! If it doesn't then you did not follow the instructions well.