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any chanse!?

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    Exclamation any chanse!?

    is there any chanse that any 1 from edios or avalanche could fix the online play? cuz this is the best online game ever... its way better than cs and other crap. the only crapy things are all the errors poping up durring gameplay and all the russians who cheat and glitch, but now i shouldent say only russians but 80% at least on pc cuz its on pc i got it but if some 1 would update this game DONT add any wpns like u did ps2 cuz it sounded ed up with saw and shiit. i dunno why u havent fixed all this yet when u got such a great game. but its easyer said then done but... u have had 2yrs on u ffs so get 2 work allready. would love if u fix this

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    CS is a better game IMO.

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    pffft cs sux azz