I saw a couple threads on this when searching, but none of them had any responses, so I figured I'd post it again and hope someone had an answer.

I'm running FF VII on a Windows NT machine, using the "Platinum Edition" discs. I've encountered a few problems so far (Cosmo Canyon/Gold Saucer freeze, etc.) that I've solved through the help of posts in this forum, but the current freeze has me flummoxed.

This one is occurring in the Forgotten City during disc 2 when I visit with Bugenhagen. After he inserts the key and the waterfall shows up, he stands outside the waterfall waiting for me to enter. When I enter, I can (depending on the speed the game is running at) walk in a short distance before it completely freezes, with me unable to move the characters or use Ctrl-Q to quit (though the music continues to play). My disc drive sounds like my program is trying to load a video when it crashes.

I've tried running at a different resolution and at quarter screen, and running with Gypt on guard, but nothing seems to be working here.

Any suggestions?


To clarify: This is not a bug where the screen goes black, but one where the image just freezes with everything still on it.